Will A Bad Fan Clutch Cause Ac Problems [Explained]

Who doesn’t want to drive smoothly? And you might be among those who wish for pleasant drives. But unfortunately, automated cars have some problems. A bad fan clutch is one of the most frequent problems you can experience.

In this case, you may have a question: will a bad fan clutch cause AC problems? Yes! It will cause AC problems because a functioning cooling system is necessary for any vehicle. Without a decent fan clutch, a car engine can’t function properly. A faulty fan clutch won’t supply an adequate amount of airflow.

Bear with us because we will show you the exact causes of a bad fan clutch, what happens if it goes bad, when to replace it, and detailed information about the problem. We hope it will be an informative article to read!

Will A Bad Fan Clutch Cause AC Problems? 

What a fun clutch does is operate the cooling fan smoothly. It works on the state of the engine and engages when the engine temperature is high. Besides, it disengages when the engine temperature drops.

However, if there is a problem with the fan clutch, the fan won’t be able to move at a certain speed. So, ultimately, it causes AC problems in the car. The worst thing is that a faulty fan clutch can also damage your car’s AC system. Sounds impressive, right? 

You will notice two scenarios for if a fan clutch becomes terrible. First, the fan will stop turning, and the second one is that the fan will move so fast. Unfortunately, both scenarios have a terrible impact on the AC system.

An area leakage in the system sometimes becomes the culprit for problems with the fan clutch. So what’s our point? The next section of this article lets you know what can happen when your fan clutch is bad. You don’t want to miss the next part, do you?

What Happens When a Fan Clutch Is Bad?

As a fan clutch plays a decent role for any car, it is evident that it can hamper the whole vehicle by becoming defective. More specifically, a defective fan clutch might affect the car because the engine won’t function properly.

So, what problems may you face with a bad fan clutch? Of course, you will know this right now. 

Decreases Car Performance

To get the most performance out of your car, you need to make sure all the parts of the car function properly. For example, a fan clutch of your car’s cooling system is one of the crucial parts. So, the general rule of thumb is that a bad clutch will negatively impact your car’s performance by causing excessive drag on the engine.

Loss Fuel Economy

The formula is simple; a bad fan clutch negatively impacts the car engine. And, if the car engine can’t perform as expected, it causes a poor fuel economy. Therefore, you need to provide your car with the excess amount of fuel compared to the regular time. 

Loud Cooling Sound

Continuously getting sound from your car cooling system is irritating. Don’t you think so? But unfortunately, you may hear this if your fan clutch goes bad. In this case, the fan becomes fully engaged and causes a clunking or whining noise. 

Can You Drive Without A Fan Clutch?

Well, you can. However, experts suggest avoiding driving a vehicle without a fan clutch.. Of course, the same suggestion will be for bad clutch too. But, you may ask for a valid reason for our statement. So, let’s make things a bit clearer.

A fan clutch helps the cooling system perform as expected. If there is the absence of a fun clutch, this means your car engine will become over-heat, especially when you are stuck in traffic. Running your car with an overheated engine can seriously damage your car. 

Therefore, it won’t be wise to spend money repairing a car engine for being careless.  But, if you drive along the highway where there is no insane traffic, you can drive without a clutch somehow. We also want you to avoid doing so if you don’t have any emergency reaching somewhere. 

Should A Fan Clutch Spin Freely When Cold?

Unfortunately, not. A standard fan clutch shouldn’t spin freely when cold. So here, we refer freely without any resistance.  The general characteristic of a fan clutch is that it moves fast when the engine becomes hot and slowly when the machine remains idle for a while. 

However, you can move the fan with your hand, but you have to force it to see it spinning. So, if you notice the fan clutch is spinning freely, it indicates that the clutch fan becomes bad no matter whether it is cold or hot. 

You can check this video to understand deeply about the concept. 

When Should You Replace The Fan Clutch?

The best time for replacing the fan clutch is when it seems defective. If you have read this content carefully, you may already have some sorts of ideas about this. 

However, the most common symptoms are;

  • Engine overheating.
  • Noisy fan spinning.
  • Poor A/C performance.
  • The fan continually spins even if the engine stops.
  • Slowest fan speed, although the engine is hot.
  • Fan refuses to start smoothly.
  • Whenever the engine is cold, the fan spins freely. 
  • You can notice Vibrating or rattle coming from the engine.
  • The broken clutch fan blades. 

Besides, you can try a practical method to determine whether the fan clutch becomes bad.  

This is the most common task people do to check whether the fan clutch becomes bad or not. However, you need to move the fan with your hand hard, and if the fan spins more than five times, it will indicate a bad fan clutch.  You can do the test several times.

If you want, you can watch this perception. 

When you see these symptoms, replacing the fan clutch with a new one is best.


Will a bad fun clutch cause AC problems? We hope you’ve got the answer to this question. So, whenever you notice something unexpected is happening with your car’s AC system, you should check the fan clutch.

Most of the time, your car’s AC system will collapse if the fan clutch becomes defective. We have covered the symptoms you may notice in that situation. Specialists in this field recommend changing a fan clutch only when it is sure to fail.

Nonetheless, we hope you have found this guide will become beneficial.

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