All You Need to Know About Pulsar LT Problems and Solutions

Pulsar LT problems are a rare phenomenon. It happens once in every blue moon. However, if your car has its in-line module broken, don’t worry.  You can fix it with a few tricks you can do at home.

In most cases, the Pulsar LT gets broken due to a damaged car battery. Since an in-line module is directly connected to the battery, it easily gets affected due to a broken battery.

Stay tuned to this article to know the other rare causes of a faulty Pulsar LT. And as icing on the cake, we will also provide you with expert solutions to get your car on the road as soon as possible. 

Pulsar LT Problems

What Does A Pulsar LT Do?

The Pulsar LT is an in-line mod for some newer models of Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra. This mod helps you manage many aspects of your car with your steering wheel controls. 

Without changing your truck’s ECM, your Pulsar LT can conduct the following operations:

  • Alter the throttle response
  • Modify tire size
  • Change gear ratio
  • Change TPMS 
  • Modify top speed limits 
  • Control active/dynamic fuel management 
  • Turn on/off auto start/stop, etc.

What Are The Symptoms Of Faulty Pulsar LT?

When a Pulsar LT malfunctions, a myriad of problems can arise. Some of the most common symptoms of a malfunctioning Pulsar LT are:

Overconsumption of Power

Repeated and excessive battery drainage, commonly referred to as a parasitic draw, is one of the most typical symptoms of a faulty Pulsar LT.

Although some parasitic draw is acceptable, an excessive amount can quickly deplete a battery. This draw happens when this module keeps providing power to a specific accessory at the wrong times.

Dashboard Warning Lights

The dash displays might suddenly become incredibly lit, almost like a Christmas tree. This happens because a car’s instrument cluster suffers significantly from a malfunctioning Pulsar LT module.

Excessive Fuel Usage

Since a car can use the Pulsar LT to alter the vehicle’s fuel management, a faulty one can trigger wrong responses to the fuel system. As a result, your car might drain more fuel than it should.

What Causes the Pulsar LT Issue?

The origins of a faulty Pulsar LT can be tough to trace. However, some common reasons cause this issue:

Faulty Battery

Sometimes, a damaged battery can make the Pulsar LT act irrational. These in-line modules are installed directly with the car battery. That is why when the battery malfunctions, it also hampers the Pulsar LT’s operations.

Malfunctioning Throttle Body 

Internal contamination can hamper a throttle body. When more and more dust, oil, and smoke accumulate in the throttle body, the throttle valve can no longer move properly. Since a throttle body connects with the Pulsar LT, its malfunctions can also damage the module.

Voltage Overload

This can happen when there is a short in the circuits of either a solenoid or an actuator. If these shorts are left untouched, replacing the Pulsar LT will be useless because the module will also get damaged due to voltage overload.

How To Diagnose Pulsar LT Problems?

If your car has a Pulsar LT and you face the following issues, there is over an 80% chance that the module is dead:

  • When it loses connection with other modules
  • Other modules are acting weird
  • When the throttle body malfunctions
  • If the gear ratio seems unusual
  • Fast fuel drainage

4 Most Common Pulsar LT Problems

A broken Pulsar LT can be very annoying to the driver. These are the most noticeable problems due to a faulty Pulsar LT:

Vehicle Not Starting

If the Pulsar LT fails, the engine won’t start since there might be an interrupted signal to the PCM. Sometimes, your car might act erratic such as a late response after turning on the ignition due to a faulty Pulsar LT.

Security System Malfunctions

Virtually always, the body control module controls a vehicle’s security system. Since a faulty Pulsar LT can damage a BCM, it is logical to assume that it can also damage a vehicle’s security system.

Weird Electrical Functions

Due to a faulty Pulsar LT, the functions associated with it can be erratic. Such as weird throttle response, misaligned tire size, unusual gear ratio, altered TPMS, altered top speed limits, bad fuel management, auto start/stop, etc.

Reduced Car Performance

Even though the Pulsar LT is separate from the engine, a bad one or its failure can affect the engine’s performance. Such modules can alter the engine’s fuel and timing settings.

For this reason, an abrupt drop in engine performance is possible. There may be a reduction in fuel efficiency, difficulty with acceleration, and a change in engine power.

How To Fix Pulsar LT Problems?

You will most likely have to change your Pulsar LT when it malfunctions. Sometimes, problems in other parts of your car can affect the module, and fixing them will solve the Pulsar LT issues.

Unplug and Plug The Battery

First, unplug the battery. Remove the negative cable with a 10mm socket. Do the same with the positive cable. Then, rotate the key and press the horn to ensure no energy remains. 

Finally, plug in the battery. Connect the positive cable first and the negative cable later. This will reset the Pulsar LT.

Warm the Car Up

Switch off everything and let the car warm up for about five minutes or longer until it finds its sweet spot. Please wait for the car to warm up entirely and idle by itself. In this manner, the vehicle can discover its ideal value and relearn the RPMs.

Reset the Spark Plugs

First, remove the ignition coil. Then, rotate the plug counterclockwise so that it becomes loose. Gap the spark plug with a wire gauge. Finally, tighten the plug clockwise and join the ignition coil.


The causes and solutions for a Pulsar LT malfunction are very complex. A faulty battery is usually the reason why this occurs. But most of the time, it is the module itself.

It is very unfortunate if you have faced any problem with your Pulsar LT. The reliability of this technology is extraordinarily high. It barely faces any malfunction issues.

Therefore, the final words are, don’t overthink regarding your damaged Pulsar LT. Follow the DIY methods of fixing it. If that doesn’t help, replace it if the warranty is still on or buy a new one if it is null. 

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