P0306 Ford F150 | Meaning, Symptoms Causes And Solution

Ford F150, a beloved truck, adored by the US population for its functionality and flexibility. Being ranked as the top selling car in the US for multiple years, it seems like a car without any faults. However, even such vehicles can be hit by DTC codes such as P0306.

The code P0306 on Ford F150 means that there is a misfire in the cylinder 6 of the engine. The Engine Control Module (ECM) manages the combustion reactions to provide optimum performance of the engine. When it detects a misfire happening in the cylinder number 6 of the engine, P0306 is triggered.

If you want to know more about this code and how to fix it, we advise you to continue reading this article. We shall answer all your queries.

What Does Code P0306 Mean on Ford F150?

ECM is responsible for the combustion reactions taking place within the engine and to channel out its energy efficiently. There are multiple sensors present within the ECM which monitors the other aspects of the engine.

When your F150โ€™s engine consumes the fuel and uses it to generate electricity, the cylinders in the engine are driven. Therefore, if one of the cylinders misfires, especially the cylinder number 6, it creates less energy and thus triggers P0306 code.

Here is a quick breakdown of the code.

  • P= Powertrain, this indicates that the fault is within the engine or the transmission system
  • 0= This indicates that it is a generic OBD code
  • 3= This indicates that the fault is within the ignition system
  • 06= This refers to the exact fault. In this case, the misfiring of the cylinder number 6

Common Symptoms Of A P0306 Ford F150 

When your Ford F150 is hit by this code, itย  will start showing some signs beforehand to signal you about it.

In this section, we will be briefly discussing the symptoms that you might see when your car is triggered with P0306.

Illuminating Check Engine Light

One of the most common symptoms is this Check engine light. Whenever there is any DTC code triggered within your car, it will act as the first defense mechanism and notify the driver about it. It will either illuminate or flash constantly until it gets the driver’s attention.

Since this is a general symptom, it is often ignored. We advise you to scan your Ford as soon as you get to see the light illuminating.

Rough or improper acceleration of the Ford

Since your car is hit with a cylinder misfire issue, it is quite common that you would not see proper acceleration.

Your engine will not be able to generate enough RPM from the combustion reactions and hence the desired accelerations will not be reached.

This will lead to jerking and an uncomfortable experience while you are accelerating your vehicle. Quite often, you will notice that you might be hitting the accelerator button hard but yet you are not getting the acceleration.

Low power of the engine

If you are noticing that your F150 is providing less power than it is supposed to provide, you might be hit with P0306.

This can be due to the cylinder misfire causing the engine to be out of sync. Therefore, it produces energy less efficiently.

Difficulty in starting the F150

Oftentimes, Ford might not even start up. This will be again due to the cylinder misfiring. 

When the car starts, the cylinder must be able to work perfectly and produce enough energy. 

However, when one or more cylinder misfires, it could lead to less energy being produced. Hence, the F150 does not start.

What Are Some Potential Causes Of A P0306 Ford F150 Code

Behind every fault, there is always a reason or a cause which initiates the code. Such is also the case for your P0306 code on your Ford F150.

We will be briefly listing out the causes for you to get an overall idea.

  • Spark Plug misfiring/ not firing at all
  • Ignition coil misfiring/ not firing at all
  • Leaks within the valve cover causing oil to leak
  • Compression difficulties due to defective rings or valves of cylinder

How To Diagnose And Fix P0306 Ford F150 Code

As we have mentioned earlier, we will now proceed to show you how you can diagnose the code P0306 and fix it all by yourself. 

We will tell you every step so that you can safely fix your precious Ford F150.

We will approach the process the way a professional/ mechanic would have done so. A mechanic uses two core steps. One, he/ she diagnoses the problem. 

Secondly, once he/she has finally found the diagnosis, the mechanic proceeds to fix it.

Step 1: Diagnosing the code P0306

In order for you to diagnose the code P0306, you will need a DTC scanner. Now what is a DTC scanner? It is a device which scans the system of your car and tells the fault through the medium of codes.

Once you have obtained a DTC scanner, follow the next steps accordingly.

  1. Attach the DTC scanner with the port of your car.
  2. Scan the system and allow it to record freeze frame information.
  3. Once the scan is over and it shows you the code, reset the system and take your car for a test drive.
  4. After the test drive, rescan the system and see whether the code prevails. If it does, proceed to the solutions section.

Step 2: Fixing the code P0306

Now that you have successfully done the diagnosis, it is time that we move on the fixation part. There are multiple methods by which you can fix the code P0306 on your Ford F150. We will be showing you each method so that you can solve the problem.

1. Replacing the spark plug

Spark plugs are essential parts of the engine as it initiates the combustion reactions. A faulty spark plug can be the cause why your Ford might be having trouble in starting. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

  1. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery first
  2. Remove the ignition coils of the car. There are multiple of them present. Therefore, you should take all of them out before proceeding to the next step.
  1. Take a screwdriver and insert it into the connector. Take it off with the help of the screwdriver.
  1. Once you are done, take the spark plug extracting socket and wiggle out the spark plug

Spark plugs are relatively inexpensive and should cost you less than 100 dollars for replacement.

2. Replacing the ignition coil

Just like the spark plug, the ignition coil carries out a similar task. The ignition coil is responsible for turning the low current into sufficient power for the car to run.

If your ignition coil goes faulty, it could affect your acceleration as your F150 will face difficulty during its run time. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix it.

  1. Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery
  2. Open the hood of the car and remove the oil cap.
  3. Take out the insulation cap as well.
  4. Disconnect the high pressure fuel pump and the bottom hose.
  5. Once you are done with them, push the lock up of the ignition coil holder. Remove the bolts and take out the ignition coil.

An ignition coil replacement is not super costly as it can get one done within $250 dollars. 

3. Replacing the valve cover

In short, the valve cover is like the armor for your Fordโ€™s mighty engine and other components. If it gets damaged or corroded, it can severely affect the other parts disabling normal function of the car.

The valve cover is an easy replacement process and is also inexpensive. It should cost you around $300 dollars at max. You will need to disconnect the negative terminal of the battery tho before beginning.

After that, remove the cover and mop out the leak that has stained the other parts of the car such as the engine etc. Once you have successfully done that, install the new valve cover.

4. Contact a professional

It is okay to feel insecure while doing this procedure. These are quite complex to begin with. Therefore, if you feel uncomfortable while doing this procedure, you can always contact a professional. 

Go to your nearest local garage and contact him/ her. The professional will be able to handle the diagnosis and fixes more easily. You might need to add a couple hundred dollars to the labor cost if you go this route.

How To Prevent A P0306 Ford F150 Issue From Happening In The Future 

In the above sections, we have mentioned the ways you can diagnose the problem and fix them successfully. Now, we will give you some advice so that you can safekeep your Ford F150 safe from this code P0306 in the future.

  • Avoid traveling on off-road tracks.
  • Take your car to the local garage for monthly maintenance checks
  • Do not leave your car out for way too long. Take it out for test drives.
  • Do not try to jumpstart your Ford


We hope that this article was quite insightful for you and has given you the knowledge that you were seeking for. We would advise you to stay in touch with a professional.

The reason behind this is due to the knowledge they carry. Before you try to replace any components, it is best you consult with him/ her and check whether it is best suited for your vehicle.

One more piece of advice is that you should teach yourself some fixes. This will save you a lot of cash in the future. Have a good day

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