P0232 Ford | Meaning, Causes, Symptoms And Solution

Unless your Ford vehicle was manufactured before 1996, you have an Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) system in your car. The OBD system’s main purpose is to tell you about your car’s malfunctions through Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).

The P0232 code on the Ford indicates the secondary circuit to the fuel pump malfunctions. To be more precise, the code describes the fuel pump secondary circuit as having a higher voltage than expected even if the fuel pump relay is turned off. 

Keep reading the blog as we tend to explore the causes, symptoms, solutions, and more of the code. 

What Does p0232 Ford Mean? 

The code p0232 simply means that there is a high voltage in the secondary circuit of your car when the fuel pump relay is turned off.

This is because the secondary circuit of your car has to function properly as it monitors the voltage sent to the fuel pump. 

The DTC code p0232 is one of the most irritating and frequently appearing codes on the Ford.

In most cases, the fuel pump relay malfunctions on your Ford, which may cause the code to take place. 

The fuel pump relay in your car plays a decent role in ensuring the engine gets enough fuel.

The fuel pump relay has to apply the proper voltage to the fuel pump for this. But, unfortunately, if the PCM detects a high voltage, you will see the code. 

We’ll let you know the possible reasons for the code in a short while. First, however, let’s see what the characters of code p0232 code describe.

  • P= Powertrain Control Module.
  • 0= Generic (SAE) Standardize OBD2.
  • 2=  It simply determines the part ( Fuel pump secondary circuit) related to the code. 
  • 32= It shows the specific fault code. Here it shows issues with “Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit High.”

What Are The Symptoms Of Getting p0232 Code On Ford? 

The most common symptom of getting a Ford DTC p0231 code is engine failure. You will find difficulty when you try to start the car. 

However, this may also happen when the engine suddenly stops. Some of the other symptoms are:

  • The engine check light comes on. 
  • The fuel pump functions even if you turn off the ignition key.
  • The high voltage of the fuel pump secondary circuit.
  • Hardly any noise from the fuel pump.
  • Battery damaged. 
  • Reduced fuel economy.

What Causes DTC P0232 Code On Ford? 

The dtc p0231 Ford can occur for different reasons. Among them, a failed fuel pump relay is one of the most common causes for the code to appear. Some of the other frequent causes of the code are:

  • Damaged or worn out fuel pump secondary fuel circuit. 
  • The fuel pump relay remains unlocked all the time. 
  • Blown fuel pump fuse.
  • Short circuit on PCM.
  • Shorted fuel pump wires.
  • Faulty Power Control Module (PCM).
  • Loose connection of fuel pump wires.

How To Fix Ford DTC P0231 Code?

Before randomly performing the troubleshooting step for code p0232, you must first diagnose the problem.

However, no matter what DTC code you want to analyze, it’s essential to have an OBD2 scanner. 

You may be wondering why doing so is essential, right? Well, this is because if you are unsure about verifying the DTC code, you mess up what problem to fix and why. 

Let’s look at the step-by-step troubleshooting process to fix the Ford p0232 code. 

Confirm the code with the OBD2 Scanner

You need to plug the OBD2 scanner into your Ford’s connector to verify the code. Once done with it, the OBD2 scanner will inform you about the fault code p0232.

Next, you should try to clear the DTC code. If it doesn’t appear, everything is OK. But, if the code pops up again, you must take further steps. 

Replace the Fuel Pump Fuse

In most cases, if the fuse of your Ford’s fuel pump is blown, damaged, or worn out, this causes fuel pump malfunctions. So, checking the fuel pump fuse is the best place to start fixing fuel pump issues.

For this, you need to pull out the fuel fuse strip from the fuel pump and see whether there is additional damage. Don’t forget to replace the defective fuse. 

Repair or Replace Fuel Pump Relay Connector

Sometimes, the fuel pump relay connector may cause the fuel pump not to function correctly. But, in most cases, it is shortened.

So, you need to check the fuel pump relay connector and repair or replace it based on its situation. 

Replace Fuel Pump Voltage on the Fuel Tank

You can use a voltmeter to check the voltage of the fuel pump supply circuit. Here, you must inspect to see where the voltage gets to the fuel pump circuit if the engine is turned off. 

If you notice the fuel pump continues to run even if the engine is turned off, the stuck or faulty fuel pump relay is the problem. Therefore, you must replace the fuel pump relay as soon as possible. 

Repair or Replace Internal Short in PCM

It is more likely that a short in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) can induce the code  p0232. Therefore, checking the short in PCM is something you have to do.

However, if you find any short internal ground in the PCM, you should replace it. In most cases, the PCM of your Ford may be damaged. Here, need to replace it as well. 

Replace the battery

It’s always important to check your Ford’s battery, no matter your problem. Regarding code p0232, you should check it carefully because the battery has a direct connection with the fuel pump. 

However, you should replace the battery if fixing the fuel pump issues does not resolve the code. 

How Serious Is Code p0232 On Ford?

Any issue related to the fuel pump is considered serious. In terms of the Ford engine, there’s no exception. 

However, if there is a malfunction with the fuel pump relay, it will let the fuel pump secondary circuit run until the battery dies.

So, you will face trouble with your Ford’s battery. And finally, you may never want to replace your battery too often.

Furthermore, due to the code p0232, you won’t be able to start your Ford smoothly. This is because if the fuel power relay goes, it can’t supply electricity to turn on the fuel pump. 

You can’t expect to start your car quickly if the fuel pump doesn’t work well. Besides, if you are not careful about solving the code, it can cause damage to other components of your Ford. 

Can You Drive Your Ford With Code P0232?

Well, you can somehow drive your car without fixing the code p0232 on your Ford, but experts don’t recommend it. However, you will be more likely to face engine failure issues due to the code. 

So, in this case, it is not good to drive your car if you don’t want your Ford’s engine to go bad.

Moreover, driving a car may cause an accident as the engine will start stalling when you drive your vehicle. 

Furthermore, there is always an issue of battery damage if you don’t fix the code but continue driving your car.  


You will know some of the common questions people ask regarding code p0232. You might have the questions in your mind, so it’s better to have a glimpse of the questions and their answers. 

What Other DTC Codes Are Related To The p0232 Code On The Ford?

The code p0232 usually occurs if a fuel pump’s secondary circuit voltage is too high. However, you will find the codes p0230, p0231, p0233, p0420, and p0627, similar to the DTC code p0232 on your Ford. 

What Does the Fuel Pump Secondary Circuit Do?

The main job of a fuel pump secondary circuit is to provide the PCM with the exact data of the fuel pump circuit voltage.

However, if it malfunctions, it sends the PCM with the wrong fuel pump voltage readings.

What Causes a High Voltage to the Fuel Pump?

In most cases, a bad fuel pump is the leading cause of a high voltage to the fuel pump. In addition, a defective fuel pump relay can also cause the issue of high voltage fuel pumps. 


You can follow this fixing guide whenever you see code p0232 on the Ford.  But then again, don’t let the code stay with your Ford car for a long time.

Fixing it as early as you can is something beneficial for you. It is true that, on some occasions, you may find it challenging to resolve the code.

Going with the mechanic in this situation would be a wise decision. Furthermore, you shouldn’t replace any part if the fix can be done by repairing it.

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