is the ford v10 a reliable engine?

When looking for a new engine in the market, you’re likely to stumble upon numerous options available. However, that leaves a thought in mind, is the Ford V10 a reliable engine?

Surprisingly, the Ford v10 engine is a very reliable engine still to this date. It has been well-reputed for its stunning performance for many years throughout its reign and still manages to meet today’s standards.

Now, we did answer whether the engine is considered reliable or not. But, what about the further details? Don’t worry, as we will be getting to the sweet part in a bit so consider giving the entire article a thorough read.

Ford v10 Engine specs

Specs might not provide the most accurate implementation of the system, but it gives the consumer a feeling of certainty. 

That is why we considered including specs for this engine so you can enjoy them during your coffee breaks and see whether this engine checks all your preferred criteria. So give them a look!

Engine Family
Ford 6.8L Modular V-10
Firing Order1 – 6 – 5 – 10 – 2 – 7 – 3 – 8 – 4 – 9
Compression Ratio9.2 : 1
Engine Oil Capacity7 qts w/ oil filter
Max Boost362 HP
Max Power5,200 rpm
Max Torque457 lb-ft
IgnitionSequential multi-port fuel injection

Is The Ford V10 A Reliable Engine?

So far, it seems like the Ford v10 is a pretty reliable engine for most cases. However, it does come with its fair share of flaws. But, in the end, it all comes down to your sole judgment and preference.

Investing in something this huge requires proper research and time. Hence, to simplify the process, we’ve gone ahead and done the necessary research regarding this engine. Do give them a read!

The Engine Has Excellent Fuel Capacity

The fuel capacity of this engine is definitely on par, if not better, than most of its competitors. It is designed to be a high-output engine, which means it would be able to provide large amounts of speed when needed.

Having a high engine oil capacity would mean that you’ll receive more fuel mileage from the truck and would also keep the engine lubricated. Thus, the wearing and tearing of the engine become less common.

The Engine Design Is A Win

The design this engine comes with is considered one of the most important pros of this engine. The Ford v10 engine packs the ten-cylinder form factors, which aren’t that common at this price point.

It also comes up with the design of premium metals such as cast iron and aluminum which go quite well with the engine’s appearance. Together these provide the engine an upper hand in the durability department.

Good Engine Speeds

This engine provides the best in class horsepower, which in today’s standard may come up as unnecessary as most drivers never need a 360 hp engine. Nonetheless, the v10 engine performance is loved by many.

Customer reviews and reports have suggested that the extra horsepower unlocks a higher boost threshold that the customers could reach. This meant higher speeds could be reached, making it ideal for highway drives.

Engine Fuel Capacity7 US Quarts
Materials usedCast iron and Aluminum
Engine horsepower362 HP

Issue with Spark plugs

One prominent issue reported by most Ford customers was with the spark plugs of the engine itself. There have been many cases where the spark would just blow out of the cylinder head, causing a commotion amongst drivers.

Exhaust Manifold Failure

Several cases with the exhaust manifold have also been reported. Expert opinions suggest that the issue was mostly caused due to the failure of the exhaust manifold leading to the inefficiency of the engine and the production of noises.

Cracked PCV Hose

Sometimes, when waste gases do not enter the exhaust system, they are sent to the crankcase. If those gases remain in there long enough, it may cause the contamination of engine oil.

However, when the PCV hose cracks, it leads to the gases leaking from the exhaust manifold and leading to problems such as engine idling, cylinder misfires, and hissing sounds.

Then again, the benefits of this engine mostly outweigh these three cons. Moreover, the cons could easily be overcome by replacing the desired part. 


There have to be several other consumer-friendly things that might come up with this engine. We clearly understand that there might be several questions that have been stirring inside your minds. Let’s answer them!

How many miles will a Ford  v10 last?

With popper care and routine maintenance, the Ford v10 should clearly last for about 200,000 miles. This might seem slightly lower than others, but do note that this decrease in mileage is due to the added horsepower. So a small price to pay.

How much horsepower does a  v10 have?

The Ford Triton v10 is said to have a peak horsepower of 362 Hp. This is pretty decent according to today’s standards. In reality, most people wouldn’t even care about so much horsepower. So 362 HP should be more than enough for the most.

Why did Ford stop making V10?

Now, this may sound a bit contradictory, but the main reason why Ford discontinued the v10 engines is that it has very low fuel efficiency. It also had cam phaser issues and didn’t seem like a better deal over the V8 overall.

How many cylinders is a  v10 Ford Motor?

The v10 Triton comes with a whopping 10- cylinder form factor, which is considered to be more efficient than its predecessors. However, after launch, it didn’t quite seem any better than the v8.

What size engine is a ford  v10 liter?

The engine has a huge fuel capacity of 6.8 liters, which could be helpful during long drives. The added fuel capacity also ensures that your engine stays lubricated, thus increasing its longevity.


The Ford v10 may seem like decent value for many when bought used. However, it’s not meant to be exaggerated. There are still many new engines similar to the v10 configuration that offer much more value.

However, this particular article is intended to give you a full review of the Ford v10. Hopefully, we’ve been successful in conveying the information to you in the most intriguing ways possible.

Getting a new engine could be quite tedious, but you need to ensure that the new engine meets all the requirements. Hence, reading such write-ups may help narrow down the list of engines to choose from.

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