Is The Ford 5.8 A Good Engine? | Let’s Find Out!

Sometimes buying a brand new engine is often out of the mind when someone is on a very tight budget. That is when we start looking into the used market but get confused due to the variety of available options.

So, is the Ford 5.8 a good engine? The Ford 5.8 engine has been one of Ford’s most successfully sold engines. Everyone loved its small compact design. But soon, it was discontinued as people ran into numerous problems with it.

With that, we are done with the short insight of this engine. However, we will discuss this engine in detail further ahead along with helping you decide which engine to buy. So stick with us!

Ford 5.8 Engine specs

We all know that specs don’t ideally represent how a product performs in real life. However, it’s always a good thought to keep tabs on the spec before buying any product.

Hence check out the specs of this engine given below and see whether the specs of this engine meet the minimum requirements that you’ve been looking for in the new engine.

Engine Family:Ford Windsor
Firing Order:1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
Compression Ratio:Varied – as high as 11.0: 1 in 1969, as low as 8.8: 1 once emissions regulations were introduced in 1971
Engine Oil Capacity:6 qts w/ filter
Max Boost:• 1969 – 250 hp w/ 2 barrel carburetor, 300 hp w/ 4 barrel carburetor• 1972 (net power ratings adopted) – 153 hp w/ 2 barrel, 161 hp w/ 4 barrel• 1997 – 205 hp (CA version), 210 hp• Ford Lightning – 240 hp 
Max Power:• 1969 –  5,400 rpm• 1997 –  3,600 rpm• Ford Lightning – 4,200 rpm
Max Torque:• 1969 – 380 lb-ft @ 3,400 rpm• 1997 – 325 lb-ft @ 2,800 rpm, 330 lb-ft @ 2,600 rpm • Ford Lightning – 340 lb-ft @ 3,200 rpm
Ignition:Standard distributor

Is The Ford 5.8 A Good Engine?

The Ford 5.8A has been one of the most selling engines. Many drivers are still searching for used engines even after Ford discontinued its production. But as reliable as it can be, it still has its flaws. Let’s check them.

High Peak Boost

This engine comes with the best-in-class boost technology. Its maximum boost range from 150 to 300 horsepower which is still pretty good by today’s standards. 

So you could see how Ford 5.8 engine performance could be pretty much on-par or even better than the competition.

Decent Engine Oil capacity

The capacity of engine oil provided in the spec sheet suggests a decent value according to expert opinions. Hence, you could rest assured as your engine would have adequate oil to stay lubricated and prevent wear and tear.

Peak Boost300hp
Peak Torque340 lb-ft
Engine Oil Capacity 6 US Quarts

Good Thermal Conditions

The Ford 5.8 engine has a reputation for having really good heating management. It’s reported that the engine remained fairly cool when driving. 

Moreover, this means that the engine would age slower, thus, making it a better second-hand buy. And all these reports have been collected from valuable customer opinions that reached the manufacturers.

Excellent Brand Value

We know that a good product speaks for itself. That is the same for this engine as Ford is one of the oldest and leading brands in the industry.

However, since Ford has been serving for decades with its excellent customer service and product quality, it’s much easier to list this engine as a decent recommendation. 

Ford Brand Valueis around 10.4 billion U.S. dollars.
Engine Type V8
Cylinder Head Material usedCast iron

Engine Vibrates While Driving

This has been a most common flaw that led to the fall of this engine. Most customer opinions and reviews suggest that the engine would vibrate. 

This would occur mainly when the speed increases and the acceleration wouldn’t feel as smooth as other modern-day engines.

Low Fuel Economy

Reports have also suggested that even though the engine performance is good, the fuel consumption is quite high, which may result in poor fuel mileage. Thus it may not be ideal for long drives.


Even though we’ve covered the important aspects of this article, a few questions remain unanswered from the customer ratings. Hence, let’s look up the precise answers to those.

How many miles will a Ford 5.8 last?

Although most vehicle engines typically last long, it’s suggested by many drivers that the engine may last up to 300,000 miles if taken great care of.

How much horsepower does a 5.8 have?

Just like most typical engines at this price point, the Ford 5.8 engine does come with really good performance. However, the engine is not a high output engine and provides a maximum horsepower of 300 hp.

Is the Ford 5.8 an interference engine?

Fortunately, the ford 5.8 is not an interference engine. This meant that the issue with the timing belt snapping and the engine shutting down would not happen.

How many cylinders is a 5.8 Ford Motor?

The Ford 5.8 engine comes with eight cylinders, which is considered much more efficient than the six-cylinder engines. Thus, making it an easy recommendation.

What size engine is a ford 5.8 liter?

The Ford 5.8 engine is said to have an engine displacement of 5,752 cubic centimeters or 351 cubic inches and also comes with a compression ratio of 8.8:1.


The purpose of this article was to create a sense of judgment for you to decide on what sort of engine meets your daily needs and performs the rest of the job flawlessly.

Hopefully, you’ve understood what we’ve been trying to portray all along and can make your choice wisely. 

Nonetheless, the ford 5.8 is a great engine even if you plan on buying it used. Just be sure to take proper care of your engine, and you’ll be able to use your engine for many years ahead.

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