Is The Ford 400 A Good Engine?

The Ford 400 was inspired by the engine pattern of the 351 Cleveland. When people hear Cleveland, their eyes light up right away. On the contrary, Ford 400 owners don’t get respect or excitement from other people while talking about their Ford 400. 

So, is the Ford 400 a good engine? Yes, Ford 400 is a good engine because it can easily deliver identical performance to the other popular Ford engines only if they’re properly maintained. It is built with quality components that ensure the best RPM and torque. When it comes to generating power, Ford 400 surpasses all its competitors. 

All these facts speak volumes for the Ford 400 engine. Now, look at the specifications and benefits this engine offers to decide whether the Ford 400 engine is good or not:

Ford 400 Engine Specs

The Ford 400 engine is quite similar to its competitor 351 Cleveland. Though they have a few components in common, the Ford 400 has better specs on all grounds. It has a 1/2-inch or 12.7 mm stroke, a longer stroke than the infamous Cleveland 351. It makes it the longest-stroke Ford pushrod V8 engine. The Ford 400 consists of “square” proportions and a four-inch or 102 mm. stroke & bore.

If you’ve heard different things about the engine specs, then check the specs out and decide yourself as follows:

Engine FamilyFord 335
Firing Order1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8
Compression ratio10.6:1
Max boost28-30 psi
Max power RPM’s4100 RPM
Max torque RPM’s3200 RPM
Ignition6-12 degree BTDC
Engine Oil Capacity7 Quarts

Is The Ford 400 A Good Engine?

The Ford 400 engine was a replacement initiative for all the big block models of Ford, which were aging back then. Their engineering team built it by borrowing design and structure from Cleveland 351. But they’ve delivered a better engine with more torque and power. 

When the question of the quality of an engine arises, user reviews are the best way to find the answer. The 400 engine is currently having an overall rating of 4.6 stars. People gave 4.5 stars for its exterior, 4.4 stars for comfort, 4.6 stars for engine performance, 4.1 stars for fuel economy, and 4.5 stars for value for money. 

So, let’s dive into some other features and benefits to prove how the 400 engine is as follows: 

Engine Performance 

An 1.09-inches additional height for the deck to allow the 4-inch stroke. The fuel consumption rate is low, and no issue of noise has appeared in the 400 engine. Behavior emissions rate can hike up to 400%, which is a pretty impressive number for any engine. 

Mechanical and thermal loading follow a cyclic behavior. This is what helps the engine to generate a huge amount of torque. High-quality components helped this engine to reach its potential performance. It has everything a good engine requires and performs better than its competitors. 

Engine Dimensions

Ford 400 engine dimensions are so on point that it never faced an issue of detonation. In contrast, all its similar models had to face this issue for once at least and bring an update for that as well. 

Decreased compression ratio accompanied by the large 15cc dish or piston, and finally, the reduced ignition timing are why the Ford 400 has never had detonation. Here is the listing of Ford 400’s engine dimensions:

DimensionsFord 400
Nominal Size of Main Bearing3-inch or around 77 mm
Deck Height261.5 mm or 10.3-inch
Ratio between Rod and Stroke 1.65: 1
Rod Lenght6.58-inch or 167.11 mm


Ford 400 engine runs on the regular fuel. It always uses a two-barrel carburetor, a small 2V port head of the cylinder, and a cast-iron-made manifold intake as the main components. All this machinery works together to achieve tremendous engine performance for the users.

If you take these features and benefits into consideration, it’ll certainly prove the fact how good the Ford 400 engine is. Therefore, we would recommend the Ford 400 engine as a good engine to the users.

Surface Bearing Area 

The 400 engine has an original journal diameter. The manufacturer increased the width of the diameter by 0.25-inch. It ensured that the Ford could get more area for surface bearing. With its increased width, it can work in the same manner as any other big-block engine. 


People often ask a few typical questions to enlighten their views on a certain topic. They did the same for our topic as well. So, here are the frequently asked questions about a Ford 400 engine: 

How many miles will a Ford 400 last?

With proper maintenance and steady driving, even in long-distance, a Ford 400 may last around 5,00,000 miles. But to get that mileage, you better pamper your engine with synthetic fuel, timing belts, and components replacement. However, it may last up to 2,50,000 miles if you regularly drive in freezing weather. 

How much horsepower does a 400 have?

A Ford 400 engine can make over 500 horsepower with 565 lbs.-ft. Torque. Hence, it is known as a powerful engine to the users. It is equipped with two intake barrel stock and the Holley stock carb that help the engine generate its peak horsepower. 

Is the Ford 400 an interference engine?

Ford 400 is not an interference engine. When you find no gap between the piston and the valve of an engine, it is called an interference engine. The valve of the Ford 400 is completely open, and the piston remains in its top position with a gap between them. Therefore, it is a non-interference engine.

How much torque does a 400 have?

Ford 400 has a two-intake barrel of stocks and the Holley carbs. The 400 can produce some good torque numbers, which are 265 horsepower at 4100 RPM and 412 lbs.-ft. At 2900 RPM. Torque production amount exceeds 400 lbs.-ft. From under 2000 RPM up to 3200 RPM.

Is the Ford 400 a big block or a small block? 

The Ford 400 is a high-power engine that provides low RPM in a standard vehicle. However, Ford 400 is a small block engine because it shares the same bore center as one of the small blocks. Thus, it becomes a small block, therefore. 


A properly maintained Ford 400 engine could last as long as any other Ford engine. But the scenario was different earlier because they didn’t last long when Ford first began installing in their engines. However, things are opposite now, and Ford has come forward with some powerful big and small blocks. 

Users are highly satisfied with the service and performance of the Ford engines nowadays. Even professional repair and engine experts recommend using Ford engines, including Ford 400. People positively rated the engine power, torque, and durability of the Ford 400 on the internet. Therefore, you can count Ford 400 as a good engine. 

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