Is The Ford 4.9 A Good Engine? Let’s Find Out!

Ford, along with cars, is also famous for creating engines. They released the infamous 4.9 engine in 1965. The engine had a production of 31 years and ended in 1996 with numerous satisfied users.

So, is the Ford 4.9 a good engine? Yes, the Ford 4.9L is a very powerful engine; according to some experts, it is arguably one of the best engines Ford has ever created. This engine is known for lasting around a whopping 300,000 miles with no issues at all.

However, that obviously isn’t the only quality the engine boasts about. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about this engine. Stick around if you don’t want to miss all that information.

is the Ford 4.9 a good engine

Ford 4.9 Engine Specs

Ford 4.9 engine is considered to be the best truck gasoline engine ever made. That might make you curious about its specifications. The detailed specs of this engine are in the following table.

Engine FamilyFord 300 inline 6
Firing Order1-5-3-6-2-4
Compression Ratio8.9 : 1 for 1965 to 1972 version8.0 : 1 for 1973 to 1986 version8.8 : 1 for 1987 to 1996 version
Max Boost28-30 psi
Max Power RPM150hp @ 3,400 rpm
Max Torque RPM260 lb-ft @2,000 rpm
IgnitionStandard distributor type
Engine Oil Capacity4.7L w/filter

Is The Ford 4.9 A Good Engine?

As mentioned before, the Ford 4.9 is an outstanding engine found in a variety of vehicles. The reasons for this engine being a great one are discussed below.


One of the main reasons this engine was so popular back in the day is its low-end torque. It is thought to be the best gas engine for a work truck or towing. Very suitable for tough usage.

A chart of the torque ratings on this engine by models throughout the years is shown below to understand better.

Model RuntimeTorque
1965-1972283 lb-ft @1,600 rpm
1973-1974223 lb-ft @1,600 rpm
1975-1977223 lb-ft @1,600 rpm
1978-1986223 lb-ft @1,600 rpm
1987-1993265 lb-ft @2,000 rpm
1994-1996260 lb-ft @2,000 rpm


This engine has proved itself to be very reliable throughout the years. Even though it is not the fastest, it surely will get you to your destination without failure.

Because of its extreme durability, the cars with this engine were used as work trucks. From delivery vehicles to towing trucks, this engine was a great choice for its dependability. 

Performance and Longevity

Being one of the best engines created by Ford, the performance is very praiseworthy. Some say it can run around 500,000km and have no issues, provided it is well maintained.

The Ford 4.9 engine is claimed to last extremely long. With just proper maintenance, such as putting oil in it when it’s needed, it will last an eternity.


Ford 4.9 engine comes with a fair amount of power in it. It can go through any situation when necessary. A table of its horsepower throughout the release years of models is shown below.

Model RuntimeHorsepowerNotes
1965-1972170hp @ 3,800 rpmFirst model introduced.
1973-1974101hp @ 3,000 rpmNew system for rating horsepower introduced. Compression ratio decreased from 8.9 to 8.0:1
1975-1977101 hp @ 3,400 rpm120hp @ 3,400 rpmDuring this model year, 2 different ratings of horsepower were found.
1978-1986101 hp @ 3,400 rpm115 hp @ 3,400 rpm117 hp @ 3,400 rpm120 hp @ 3,400 rpmDuring this model year, 4 different ratings of horsepower were found.
1987-1993145 hp @ 3,400 rpmCompression ratio changed to 8.8:1
1994-1996150 hp @ 3,400 rpmLast production year of the engine.


The durability of the Ford 4.9 engine, otherwise known as the Ford 300 inline 6, is exceptional. The company also offers a good room for upgrading with replacement parts and performance-enhancing.

Some of the most popular modifications for this engine are

  • Exhaust Manifolds.
  • Oil pumps
  • Camshafts
  • Engine Seals and Gaskets


By now, you should have a clear idea about the specs and performance of the Ford 4.9 engine. We also got some common questions covered below.

How many miles will a Ford 4.9 last?

As discussed before, this engine has great mileage. Usually, this engine lasts around 300,000 miles with no issues at all. It also has gone up to 400,00 to 500,000 miles in some cases.

How much horsepower does a 4.9 have?

Even though this isn’t an engine known for its horsepower, it has some acceptable power in it. The Ford 4.9 engine can go up to 150 hp @3400rpm.

Is the Ford 4.9 an interference engine?

Inference engines are more common in the modern lineup of automobiles that allow maximizing the engine’s compression ratio. However, the Ford 4.9 is a non-interference engine.

How many cylinders is a 4.9 Ford Motor?

The Ford 4.9 is a 6-cylinder engine. The 6-cylinder engines are more powerful than the 4-cylinder engines in case you’re wondering. This is why for works like towing, this engine shines.

What size engine is a ford 4.9 liter?

The engines of modern automobiles are usually measured in liters. However, the older engines used cubic inches or cubic centimeters. The size Ford 4.9 engine is 300 cu in (cubic inches) or 4,933 cc (cubic centimeters).


The Ford 4.9 engine, also called, Ford 300 cubic inch six-cylinder engine is hands down one of the toughest, long-lasting, and most reliable engine ever built.

It might not have fast speeds and that is not even an issue since these were built for towing and hauling with good fuel economy. The low-end torque on this machine is exceptional.

But with some modification to this engine, it can “fly” as some users say. However, if you want an engine that is faster, the Ford V8 is a good option. Otherwise, the price-to-performance ratio of the 4.9 is good. 

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