how to turn off my key ford? [Easy Steps]

Mykey is one of Ford’s most advanced and beneficial automobile features. You can restrict and monitor driving modes and styles, which is possible with this key feature. However, having MyKey in your vehicle doesn’t mean you always have to access it.

More specifically, if you drive a car solo, you may not want to see the tool MyKey turn on. So, you might try to disable the feature when you don’t let someone else drive your car, right? But how to turn off MyKey Ford?

No worries. We will review all the actions you should take to switch off your Ford My Key. Not only that, but we will also cover some key points regarding the Ford MyKey.

What Is The Admin Key For Mykey?

An admin key is a type of key that has no driving restrictions. Car owners with major car access use MyKey to set driving restrictions. On the other hand, the admin key, or you may call it the master key, helps users clear MyKey restrictions and a lot more.

This means you must make a key as an administrator key. Anyone can drive a car freely with it, which they can’t with restricted My Key. You can also configure other My Key settings by creating and programming them comprehensively with the admin key.

However, you can’t program the admin key. It looks the same as the My key. Users should use any sign to differentiate between the two keys.

What Is The Purpose Of Ford Mykey?

Do you feel uneasy about letting somebody drive your car? It does not always mean you don’t want to damage your vehicle. Instead, it also means you don’t want to see your near and dear ones’ accidents. 

So what’s the catch? Here’s where the Ford Mykey comes into play. It gives you control over certain aspects of your car even if you are not in the driving seat.

However, the Ford MyKey feature lets you limit crucial functions like car speed, radio sound, seatbelt alerts, low fuel warning, and many more. So, in a sense, you might think of the feature as a means to practice good driving behaviors.

Click here below to the manufacturer’s website to learn more about it.

How Do I Disable MyKey Ford?

The process is pretty simple, and it won’t be more than a few minutes. What you should do is follow the steps below to understand the proceeding. 

Step 1: Start Your Car and Wait For Onboard Computer to Start

You can’t disable or clear the Mykey without starting your car. Once you start your vehicle using the admin key inserted on the ignition, you may need to wait to power up the onboard computer screen to see your operations.

Step 2:  Locate the ‘Main Menu’ on the Mounted Information Display’s steering wheel.

Now, you have to locate the menu to perform the actual tasks of disabling MyKey. You can do so by pressing the left arrow button in your car’s steering. 

Step 3:  Select “Settings” from the Main Menu

Step 4: Scroll Down To ‘MyKey’ and Press and Press ‘OK’

Step 5: Search for the ‘Clear Mykey’ Section

Step 6: Press and hold the ‘OK’ Button

This is your last task in this case. You should press and hold the ‘OK’ button until you find a message ‘All Mykeys Cleared.”

Now you know how to disable or turn off Mykey. However, you may need to program Mykey, but how can you do so?

The next part of the article will show you how!

How To Program My Key Ford?

Programming the Ford MyKey is also a simple task. Here is the step-by-step process. 

1. Deciding which of your keys will work as MyKey is the first thing you should do.

2. Put the key in the ignition and start your car.

Then, you should gradually click or press the following options from the “Main menu.”

3.  Click ‘Setting.’

4.  Once you click the ‘Setting,’ you need to scroll down and click ‘MyKey.’

5. Now, you can create or program Your MyKey by clicking and holding ‘Create MyKey.’

6. After performing the above task properly, you need to follow the instructions on the screen. You will get a message saying, “MyKey Created.”

7. You can change additional necessary settings when letting other people drive your car. 

Once you have done this, MyKey in your car is successfully programmed. Then, you can watch a video to learn a lot about the facts. 

How Does Ford MyKey Work?

MyKey Ford works pretty smartly. With the help of MyKey advanced features, car owners can monitor and control driving. Every MyKey has two keys. These are Admin Key and the Basic MyKey. 

If someone programs MyKey according to their desires using superficial functions, it is possible to ensure good driving habits. 

To simplify it, if you are an owner of a Ford car, you can Adjust different car settings with your requirements. And, if the MyKey is unable, people who drive your car based on their needs. 

However, you can adjust,

  • Driving speed.
  • Music System volume using a volume limiter.
  • Seatbelts safety.
  • Fuel consumption.
  • Traction control and more. 

How Do You Unlock Mykey Volume Limit?

Volume limiter is another standard setting of MyKey. Nonetheless, you may sometimes need to unlock the MyKey volume limit. The processes are pretty straightforward.

First, you need to go to the ‘Main menu section of MyKey by pressing the left arrow button on your car’s steering control.  Next, you should gradually click on “Settings” and ‘My Key’ and hit “OK.”.

Then, you will find the ‘Volume Limiter’ under ‘MyKey Information.’ Turn it off to unlock the MyKey volume limit. 

How Do You Disable Mykey On OBD2?

If you don’t have access to the admin key, you can still disable MyKey using Obd2 with the help of the FORScan software. So, let’s see what you need to do in this case.

Step 1: Connect the Obd2 adapter and USB port

You must connect the Obd2 adapter to the car’s port and the USB to the laptop, which you tend to use to disable MyKey with software.

Step 2: Open and Sync the Forscan Software to your car.

Now, open the FORscan software on your laptop and click ‘Connect’ to sync your vehicle with it. It may take some time to get your car’s information.

Step 3: Click ‘Service Functions’

Once the information loading is complete, click the ‘Service Functions’ option.

Step 4: Insert the programmed key while starting the car.

You should insert your original programmed key, ensure your vehicle runs, and “BdyCM PATS programming.”

Step 5: Click “Ignition Key Programming’ and Remove the programmed key.

Now, you should click on  “Ignition Key Programming,” remove the programmed key, and click “OK.” Besides, never forget to turn off the ignition. 

Step 6: Insert Programmed Key and Turn on the Ignition.

You must insert the programmed key again and turn on the ignition. However, you shouldn’t start the engine now. Instead, you should turn on the electrical system only.

Step 7: Cycle the New Key. 

After a few minutes, you should cycle the new key by turning your vehicle OFF and turning it back in the ON position. Besides, you will be asked to turn on your engine.

Step 8: Disable MyKey Setting.

In this step, you must disable the MyKey once the new key is programmed. For this, you should go to ‘Settings’ from the ‘Main menu’ and scroll down to click on ‘MyKey.’ You have to clean the settings in MyKey, which is how you can disable MyKey on Obd2.


Mykey is undoubtedly a superficial feature, and you should use it best. It will be better to decide which one will be your Mykey and which one will be your Admin Key. People often mess up with the two types of keys.

Besides, you don’t need to access all the setting options simultaneously. Instead, you should set up restrictions based on who will drive a car and what type of driver they are.

You don’t need to ask how to turn off MyKey Ford after carefully reading this informative article.  However, if you have any queries regarding the feature, never feel shy to share them with us. 

Meta Description: we have shared the step-by-step process of how to turn off MyKey Ford. These easy steps will help you perform the task efficiently within a short time.

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