How To Turn Fog Lights On 2014 Ford F150A?

Fog lights are made especially for critical weather and are necessary to ensure your safety.  Many cars have these lights, the same as Ford F150a. You must know how to use them in your car. 

Now, how to turn Fog Lights On 2014 Ford F150A? It’s very easy. Just find the button near your steering wheel and then press it. You can use it at night and during the day only when needed. 

You have to be careful with your fog lights. It is important to know when and how to use them. Don’t worry! Here, you will get all the necessary information you need.

How To Turn Fog Lights On 2014 Ford F150A?

On F150, fog lights are low-mounted and have a wide beam. These lights are used in heavy fog to avoid accidents.

Turning on fog lights on an F150a 2014 model is not hard at all. To turn the fog light on, 

  • Push or press the light controlling switch. Make sure to turn off your high beam controls. This will turn the fog lights on. 
  • When the Autolamps position is on, the fog lights might not turn on if the headlights are off. 
  • Sometimes the fog light switch may be next to the steering wheel. Try to find the location, and then switch it on. If you can’t find the switch, contact your owner. 

Check the below video to learn more about how to turn fog lights on a 2014 Ford F150a.

When Should I Turn My Fog Lights On?

Fog lights are used in low visibility situations. There are recommended times when you should turn your fog lights on. You can only use fog lights in foggy situations. 

Now, here comes the question: how do you use fog lights? There are mainly two situations when you should turn your fog lights on-

  • The visibility drops below 100 meters or 328 feet due to thick fog, heavy rain, or snow.
  • If the visibility length is lesser than the length of any football pitch. 

You should not use your fog lights if you can see beyond the recommended distance. There are rules strictly forbidding the use of fog lights if it’s unnecessary.

How Do You Keep Fog Lights On With High Beams?

When you turn your high beam on in most vehicles, the fog lights turn off automatically. But you can make some changes with a few gazettes. 

The Brite Box

The Brite Box comes with a fog light control. The bright box fog star automatically turns on fog lights with high beams. There are up to 4 models of them.

Use the Brite box with a switch to operate with fog lights. Use the effect switch to activate the function and again to bring it back to normal settings.


Apart from making physical changes, you can make programming changes too in some cars. For this, you will need OBDLinkMX+. 

You will need either your pc, android, or iPhone for it. Plug OBDLinkMX+ in the obd2 port of your car. Then use the alpha OBD app, and connect them with Bluetooth. Now you can fix the programming. 

Should Fog Lights Always Be On?

Fog lights are usually dim, and they are aimed downwards. There is no use for them unless there is any visibility issue. They are needed only when it is too hard to see before you. The lights are also used in rain or snow.

It is better if you don’t always use fog lights. In some states, using fog lights when it is not necessary is illegal. 

Using the lights when the weather is clear might be risky for other drivers too. You should only use your fog lights when the weather is terrible and you can’t see within 100 meters or 328 feet.

Should I Drive With Fog Lights On At Night?

Fog lights are as simple as it is for fog. So, if the night is foggy, you must turn your fog light on before driving. Otherwise, you may face difficulties driving. 

Just make sure you are not overusing them. You can drive with fog lights on at night. Try not to use high beam headlights with it.

What’s The Difference Between Driving Lights And Fog Lights?

Driving lights are those lights mounted on the front part of any vehicle. Fog lights are similar but provide additional light in the time of need. There are a few differences between these two. 

  • Driving lights are an essential part of any vehicle, whereas fog lights are additional. 
  • Driving lights are usually high in the beam. But fog lights, on the other hand, are dim and face downward.
  • Regular driving lights can reflect off the fog. Fog lights are meant to be used in thick fog.
  • Fog lights are very strong, whereas driving lights are even stronger.

Driving lights are a necessity in any condition. You must have the lights to drive. And fog lights are there to give you protection in unfavorable weather.

To get a better picture, check out the differences between driving lights and fog lights from this video.

Can You Get Fined For Driving With Fog Lights On?

Fog lights are needed when the weather is not in your favor. You can use them in thick fog, heavy rain, or snow. They help you to see when the visibility level decreases. 

But you can get fined with them on. Rule 236 of the Highway Code suggests that you must not use the fog lights if they are not needed. Rule 226 states when to use the fog lights. 

If you use your fog lights unnecessarily, you might cause havoc. You can even face points on your license and a fine. In some countries, it is illegal to use fog lights in not-so-foggy weather.


By now, there must be a lot going on in your mind. Due to limitations, we can’t answer all your questions. But here, we have picked a few among the most common ones for you.

What Is The Symbol For Fog Light?

There will always be a sign on the dashboard or the fog light button itself of your car. It is an amber indicator. The indicator is for rear fog lights.

Are Fog Lights High Beams?

No, the fog lights aren’t high beams. They are quite the opposite of that. The fog light is short-ranged. It gives you a wide, flat light to get below the fog. It reduces the glare of high beams so that the drivers can see the road’s edges.

Should I Use Fog Lights In The Rain?

Yes, you should. Fog lights are very effective in heavy rain. They offer you better visibility in this situation. It reduces the glare produced by high and low beams. This helps the driver to see things. 

Can I Use My Fog Lights As Headlights?

They are there to give you extra support in difficult situations. But you can’t replace them with your headlights. Fog lights are supplementary. You can use them in conjunction with the driving lights. But you can’t use them as headlights.

Are Fog Lights Automatic?

Yes, sometimes they light up automatically. The fog light might illuminate if you turn the wheel past a certain point. When you set the function to auto mode, the fog lights are on if the camera recognizes a foggy area.


In today’s car lighting, fog lights are the most important ones. But not every driver knows the design and purpose of the lights. You need to know how the lights work and when to turn them and when not. 

Fog lights are especially created to give you a low but wide light. It is important to use them only when they are needed. Otherwise, it will turn out risky for other drivers on the road. 

The most important thing is that you should always use your high beams in non-fog situations. Use the fog light only in the given situations for the sake of ensuring safety for everyone. 

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