How To Reset Ford Sync?

Ford and Microsoft teamed up to provide a better driving experience by providing enhanced capabilities via Ford SYNC. Like making hands-free calls, receiving audio messages, and accessing music and maps easily. 

How to reset Ford Sync? Hold the volume and skip track buttons to soft reset your Ford SYNC for about 5 seconds. A hard reset may fix more serious problems. This procedure will vary depending on the severity of the issue.

Suppose there are severe problems with the Ford SYNC, as the screen is not responding. A hard or master reset may be needed to solve the issue. Learn more about these resetting methods here. 

How many versions of Ford SYNC are there?

There are four versions of SYNC, updated day by day to compete in the market. SYNC-1, SYNC-2, and SYNC-3 are the versions currently in use. SYNC4 is the newest version, and it is still being developed.

What model of Ford has SYNC? 

By looking at the chart below, you can see which models have SYNC and which version. This will help you in knowing which model has SYNC.

SYNC Version 4

YearFord Models
2022Mustang Mach-E
2022F-150 Lightning 
2022Super Duty
2022Transit CC-CA
2021Mustang Mach-E

SYNC Version 3

YearFord Models
2022 EcoSport
2022 Escape
2022 Bronco Sport
2022 Explorer
2022 Maverick
2022 Ranger
2022 Transit Connect
2022 Super Duty Retail
2022 Transit
2022 Mustang
2022 Transit CC-CA
2021 EcoSport
2021 Escape
2021 Bronco Sport
2021 Explorer
2021 Expedition
2021 Transit Connect
2021 Super Duty
2021 Transit
2021 Mustang

SYNC Version 2

YearFord Models
2015-2017 S-Max
2015-2017 C-Max
2015-Onwards Mondeo
2015-2016 Focus

SYNC Version 1

YearFord Models
2011-2015 Focus
2011-2015Grand C-Max
2008-2017 Fiesta
2013-2015 Kuga
2012-Onwards Ecosport
2012-Onwards Grand Tourneo Concept
2012-Onwards Ka+

How to Reset Ford SYNC? 

There are many ways to “reset” a SYNC module. It is not unusual for someone to need to reset a SYNC module multiple times. This is done to troubleshoot and keep the system working properly. Types of Reset: 

The Soft Reset of Ford SYNC 

The SYNC module can be reset to return to the same settings and not lose any settings or data. This is useful when you want to restart the module without losing any data. Follow the steps to soft reset.

  • First, press and hold the Skip Track button while pressing and holding the volume button.
  • After 5 seconds, the screen will go completely black and release both the buttons.
  • Allow the system some time to reset.
  • When the system has reset, you will be switched on, and it will work smoothly. 

The Hard Reset of Ford SYNC 

A hard reset is a process that resets a module without losing data or settings. This process provides an abrupt restart by shutting down the SYNC module. Follow the steps to hard reset. 

  • First, turn off the ignition, then disconnect the SYNC module’s 54-pin connector or main battery of the car. 
  • After 30 seconds, reattach the unplug connector or battery.
  • Then turn on the ignition and wait a few more seconds to boot the system.
  • You have done a hard reset of Ford SYNC successfully. 

The Master Reset of Ford SYNC 

A master reset restores the module to its factory defaults. This means that all personal data and settings are lost. You need a backup of your phone book, messages, and saved addresses. Follow the steps to Master Reset. 

  • Start the vehicle. Make sure it is in parking mode. Not in running or accessory mode.
  • Go to “Settings” on the SYNC screen.
  • Select the option “General.”
  • Go down on this page, find and press. ‘Master Reset”.
  • Confirm by pressing “Continue” to the message alert that appeared.  
  • After a few minutes, your SYNC module will start and continue to work perfectly. 

What is the latest version of SYNC for Ford?

SYNC 4 is Ford’s newest infotainment system. It was first installed in 2021 in the Ford Mustang Mach-E, the Ford F-150, and the Ford Bronco. Ford is slowly integrating  SYNC 4 into new vehicles. 

That means more vehicles will have SYNC 4 in the future. SYNC 3 and SYNC 4 are different because SYNC 4 offers a better wireless connection that is much more reliable than SYNC 3. And it has larger screen sizes. 

How do I know if my Ford SYNC needs to be updated? 

Like all car infotainment systems, Ford SYNC sometimes needs an update. If you’re experiencing problems with your system, it may be time to update it. Following these simple steps will help you quickly and easily.

  • Login to your SYNC account
  • Goto software update page
  • If your system is updated, there you will get a notification “Your SYNC is updated.” 
  • Choose “confirm update,” so you will notify the next update when available. 
  • Doing this step, you send a message to the server that you will need the next software update. 

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After getting the procedures of reset of Ford SYNC. There may be some questions on your mind. There we try to give the most common questions answered.

Why was Ford SYNC discontinued? 

SYNC Services used backdated technology that is no longer being supported by smartphones. This technology was useful previously, but it is no longer the best option for the service. 

Is there a monthly fee for Ford SYNC? 

Ford SYNC Connect is a system that uses your phone to connect to your cars. This system is free, which is a big advantage. There are no additional costs associated with using this system. 

Can Ford SYNC 3 be upgraded to SYNC 4?

No, you cannot upgrade your old SYNC 3 hardware to a newer SYNC 4 or 4A system. Previous versions of SYNC hardware cannot be upgraded to newer systems. 

How do I know if my Ford SYNC needs to be updated?

Log in to your SYNC account, and find the Software Update page where you will get the details of SYNC Software. If you want an update you can update from here. 


Regardless of which version of SYNC you have, you’ll be able to make phone calls and listen to audio without having to divert your attention from driving. 

If you have trouble with the SYNC system, you can try a soft reset first. This will help resolve some common issues. If it doesn’t work, do a hard or master reset. This will usually fix the infotainment display properly.

Moreover, SYNC makes it safe for you to talk on the phone and listen to the audio while driving. It keeps you informed about the road ahead and prevents distractions. 

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