How To Reset Ford F150 Door Code Without Factory Code?

The Ford F150 door code is a convenient one. In case you forget the door code, it will be a tough job to get into your car without the factory code. Therefore, you must know how to reset the Ford F150 door without the factory code. 

To reset the door code of the Ford F150 without using your factory code, you need to look for an online automated generator to get your factory code. Then, press the one and two-number buttons to enter your new door code. Now, press the same buttons again to confirm the door code, and you’ll be able to unlock the door. 

Here are things you must need to learn about resetting the Ford F150 door code.

How To Reset Ford F150 Door Code With Factory Code?

How To Reset Ford F150 Door Code Without Factory Code

The code entering keypad is situated near the window beside the driver. When you press a button on the keypad, it will allow you to input the right factory code. But you must be careful about typing codes because the system may reject rapid typing. 

If it occurs, re-enter your factory code slowly to get into the system. To reset the door code using factory code, you’ll have to perform the following functions: 

Looking for factory codes

You must need the factory code to reset your door code on the Ford F150. It is a specific four-digit code made for the car. You can find it in the user manual when you can’t remember it. If you’ve also lost the user manual, you can search for it on the sticker located on the driver’s side door. 

Using your Factory Code

When you’ve found the code, enter it on your car’s keypad right away. Ensure that you’re entering the code in the right order and that you can also take the help from your manual. Once you’ve entered the factory code, your car door will open in no time.

How To Reset Ford F150 Door Code Without Factory Code?

If you don’t have the factory code and you want to reset the door code of your Ford F150, then you can do it by following these two ways: 

Using Keyless VIN Entry Code

When you can’t remember the factory code at all or even find the code in the places mentioned above, then the only way to rest the door code is by using the keyless VIN. The VIN entry code is a 17-digit number specifically provided to every car. 

You need to use the same keypad on your car’s door. So, when you have the VIN, enter it on the keypad in the right order. Only then will the door get unlocked. 

Program the Factory Code

If you can’t find either your VIN or factory code, you can program a code by customization. People often use this method to give others access to their vehicles without giving them the factory code. You will find the factory code in the glove box if you own a new car. 

But if the car isn’t new, you must choose an alternative option. The option is to program the factory code and to program the factory code, follow these steps: 

  • Look for an automated online generator 
  • Obtain your factory code from the generator
  • Press both the one and two-numbers buttons on the remote
  • Enter the code that you want to employ on the keypad from now on
  • Press the one and two-numbers buttons again
  • It will unlock the car, and you can lock it again. 

When Might You Need To Reset The Ford F150 Door Code?

As we all know, resetting is not a regular thing we do with our cars. Resetting is done only in case of a few special circumstances. There are always reasons behind resetting the door code of the Ford F150. Let’s take a look at the reasons as follows: 

  • If You Forget Your Factory Code

The most common reason for resetting forgets your factory code. It often occurs to many people due to the lack of use. Factory code is something we don’t use every day. Therefore, it is very rational to forget the factory code. In that case, you may be required to reset the door code of your Ford F150. 

  • If You Let Someone Drive Your Car

When you let someone drive your car or vehicle, you might need to reset the door code before giving him the car because the person driving your car won’t be aware of the code. If you let him use your code, then when you get back the car again, you better reset the door code on your Ford F150 for security purposes. 

  • When the Keypad is not Functioning

When your keypad is not functioning properly, you may need to reset the door code. Resetting the door code may allow you to fix the issue with the keypad. 

The keypad is an integral part of any car; without it, entering the right code won’t be possible. Hence, to make the keypad function, you better reset the door code whenever you face this issue. 


These frequently asked questions may help you to get a better overview of the topic and enlighten you on the process and its importance: 

How do I get the factory door code for my ford f150?

You’ll need to find the factory manual to reset your Ford F150 door and trunk lock code. The code is only present on a few vehicles and is needed to operate the garage opener. This method requires that you manually enter your 5-digit code with an auto-programming tool.

Where can I find the 5-digit keyless default code on your ford f150?

Various vehicle keys can program the keyless entry system on your F150 with various vehicle keys. Still, you’ll need the original key to get into a truck without the code. 

If you’ve lost the original and need to reset your car’s door code, there are two ways to reset your Ford F150 door keyless entry. One is by using a factory code in the vehicle, and the other is by programming a new microchip.

How do I get my Ford door to unlock code?

If you are having trouble with the door unlock code on your Ford, you can reset it to the factory setting. The easiest way is to use a Reset tool, an electronic device that provides you with the correct door lock code for your car or truck.

How do you reset a door lock code?

Ford cars and trucks often come with factory-programmed settings, so you might need a Ford F150 door to unlock code if the driver’s door or trunk lock won’t work or work the way it should. If you have a Ford F150 and need to change the door lock code, clearing the code (i.e., re-trying to unlock or lock) can help. 


The Ford F150 door lock system is powered by a factory code saved in the ECU, which helps prevent theft and tampering. When this code is erased, you will be able to reset the computer with a new code. 

But if you want to reset the code without erasing it from the ECU, you can do so with a factory code or an original Ford key. Resetting the door code of your Ford F150 without using the factory code is also possible. 

But you need to be cautious using both the methods we mentioned because one wrong step can lock the car, which will cost you a healthy amount to fix. 

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