How To Disable Ford Pats System?

Car theft is a significant problem all around the world. And that is precisely what the Ford Pats system is entitled to. However, not many people favor this system and will even find it to be a nuisance. 

So do you know how to disable the Ford Pats system or get around it? The easiest way to do it is to make use of an encoded key. The key is programmed to disable the pats system temporarily. 

Even without a key, you can still disable the pats system. So are you interested to know about both methods? Well, scroll down below and keep reading to satisfy your curiosity.  

What Will You Need To Bypass The Ford Pats System?

The Ford Pats system is a necessary anti-theft system. It makes use of your pre-recorded ignition key data and several other modules to prevent a thief from lockpicking. 

This might seem convenient. However, you can always turn it off if you have lost your ignition key or simply find this function annoying. To do that, you will be required to have the following tools ready. 

  • A flat head screwdriver that will allow you to get into the internals of the ignition key.
  • New set of keys if required depending on your situation.
  • Tape that will be used to hand the new key on the receiver. 

How to Disable Ford Pats System?

How to Disable Ford Pats System?

If you want to disable the Ford pats system temporarily, you will need to read through the following step-by-step procedure. 

We have already mentioned the required tools in the section above. As long as you have them ready, going through the process in real life will be as easy as a breeze. 

Method 1: Disable Ford Pats With A Key

If you have a key, you can use this process. If you have lost your old key, you can buy a new one and then carry out the process below. 

Hiring a specialist to help out in the programming can be quite expensive. As such, you can carry out the alternative process we have provided to you. 

Step 1: Use A Flat-head Screwdriver

Make use of your flat-head screwdriver to get into the internals of the ignition. Once you have opened it up locate the RFID chip. 

Step 2: Remove The Chip

Once you have located the RFID chip remove it from its original place. Once removed, you can assemble the separated parts of the ignition key back to their places.

Step 3: Secure using tape

Do not screw the key back since you might be required to unscrew it again. Instead, make use of the tapes to ensure that the assembly holds properly. 

You can also keep the chip attached together to the key so that you do not lose it. If you want to use the Pats system again, later on, you will be required to install it back. 

Step 4: Start The Vehicle

Now that the key is ready, you can start the ignition. Insert the key and try to start the engine. If it doesn’t start, reposition the key and try again. It should make the engine start the ignition as soon as possible. 

With the RFID chip not interfering with the system anymore, you will be able to start your car without any interference from the Ford Pats system. 

Method 2: Disable Ford Pats Without A Key

The very system behind Pats is to prevent entry to anyone without a key. So if you do not have a key, it is impossible to gain entry into the vehicle. However, you can take one of the two measures that we have stated below. 

  • Buy a new car key and carry out the processes mentioned in the above sections. 
  • Hire a specialist to open the vehicle for you. Even if the vehicle is open, you will still need to buy another key to start the car.  

Do note that no matter what step you take, you will be required to spend a lot of money. For the first option, you might not have to pay as much as the second one. 

This is because the second option will require you to pay for the extra labor. This labor charge comes from hiring the specialist. 

How To Identify If There Are Any Problems With The Pats System?

The most common reason why people find the Pat system to be annoying is that they are prone to various faults. Even a single defect can cause them to malfunction to the point where you are locked out of your car. 

If you are having problems with the Pats system, there is a single way that you can diagnose the issue. You will be required to use the OBD-II scanner to read off the code. 

Once you have received the code, you will need to find the meaning behind that. Only then would you be able to troubleshoot and know what steps to take next to resolve it.  

Below, we have provided some of the more common error codes that you can get along with their meaning. 

Error CodeMeaning
B1213There is a probability of the existence of two different keys programmed to the system.
B1232/B2103The antenna is damaged
B1342The ECU is defective or should be inspected
B1600The key being used is invalid
B1601The ignition key used doesn’t have any program
B1602The connection established between the key and the receiver in the car is weak.
B1681No signal is detected
B2431Key Failure Program
P1260The PCM is disabled


With all of its features, Ford vehicles do live up to their reputation. However, sometimes too many functions and features make a simple car too complicated to use. 

While it is possible to disable the Ford Pats, is it viable to do so? Well, it is not viable at all. Ford has included this feature in your vehicle for a reason. This is to prevent the car from being stolen. 

While you can indeed bypass or disable it, you shouldn’t attempt to do so. Who knows when and how a high-profile thief might steal your car!

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