How To Connect To Ford Sync?

Ford has been in the vehicle market for a very long time. Ford has them all, no matter what type of vehicle with whatever feature you want. Besides, with all of its features, it is quite apparent why people will go after Ford cars. 

So do you know how to connect to Ford sync? The best way to connect to Ford Sync is to make use of your phone’s Bluetooth. You will need to select the Ford Sync system, and then the pairing will be successful.

While this is a short information on how things work, this is not all that you will need to know. So if you want to know the depths of connecting to the ford sync system, keep reading then. 

How To Connect To Ford Sync

How To Set up Your Ford Sync?

Ford sync is a great feature found in almost all modern Ford cars. While it is beneficial to set up the feature, not many people bother to go for it. As such, they lose a lot of conveniences that come along with this feature. 

If you are thinking of setting up your Ford Sync in your brand new Ford, we have got you covered. We have given you a step-by-step procedure that you can use to set the system up perfectly.

Step 1: Turn On the Devices

Turn your mobile phone on and make sure that it has enough battery charge to carry through the day. You will also be required to turn on the engine of your Ford while the radio is on.

Step 2: Activate Bluetooth

Once you are done turning on your mobile properly, you will be required to enter the system settings application. 

Activate your Bluetooth settings from here. Alternatively, turn on the Bluetooth visibility on your smart device. 

Step 3: Enter Ford Sync

Use the display at the front of your vehicle to enter the Sync settings. The setting will prompt you to search for your preferred smart device that you want to make a connection with. 

You can also choose to do the reverse from your smartphone. By using the search function in your mobile’s Bluetooth setting, look for Ford Sync. If found, select it to make the connection. 

Step 4: Enter Pin

If you are using either your mobile to connect the Sync, you might be asked to enter a six-digit code. The pin will be displayed on the other device that you are connecting to. 

Step 5: Successful Pairing

Once you have typed in the pin code accurately, you will receive a message. The message will relay to you that the pairing between the two devices has been a success. 

Step 6: Download the Phonebook

Your phone will display a popup that will ask you to download the phonebook on your Sync. Make sure to click on yes so that the download can start. 

This function will allow you to receive and make calls while controlling the steering wheel by using voice recognition. Once the download is complete, you can access all the phone data on your front display. 

How To Reverse Pair With Ford Sync?

Let’s say that your phone might not be in the best condition. It could also have a broken screen that doesn’t respond properly. 

In that case, you can use the infotainment display at the front of your Ford dashboard to connect to your phone. 

However, before we start, make sure that the Bluetooth in your device is working. Otherwise, you might need to connect it to a port in the infotainment, which is very inconvenient. 

Step 1: Pair the Devices

Use the infotainment to look for the smart device that you want to connect to. Select it once you have found the right one. If you are connecting with a USB, you can ignore this step. 

Step 2: Input the Pincode

The infotainment will demand a 6 digits pin code before entering your device’s internal data. This pin code usually pops on the screen of your phone as soon as you have established a connection. Input this code. 

Step 3: Download the phone data

The infotainment will ask for your permission to download your phonebook. You can use it to later make or receive calls with voice recognition. 

Additionally, you can also activate 911 Assist status in case of potential emergencies or accidents. 

What Devices Can you Connect With Ford Sync?

The typical and most obvious choice of smart device that you can connect to your Ford Sync is your smartphone. Not only is this an intelligent choice, but it is also a very convenient one. 

However, the Sync function isn’t only restricted to your phone. You can also connect your smartwatch, laptop, or any other devices that offer a Bluetooth connection. 

Do note that different devices might have different ways that they work things out. So if you want the best experience on using the Sync function, it is best that you use a smartphone.  

What to Do When Ford Sync Will Not Connect To Device?

What to Do When Ford Sync Will Not Connect To Device?

If your Ford Sync doesn’t work, there is a high chance that there is something wrong with the Bluetooth connection. Below, we have listed some points you can follow when facing this problem. 

  • Disconnect your engine and allow it to rest for some time. After a while, turn it back. 
  • Reset the connection between the Ford and your smartphone by repeating the process after turning it off. 
  • Restart your device and connect it again.
  • Master Reset the entire Sync system that will delete all previous data and caches stored within. 


Fords have come a long way from being a simple truck or SUV to be one of the most affordable vehicles. In addition, it also has a lot of features befitting its fame. 

The Ford Sync might seem like a simple feature at first glance. However, there are a lot of functions that are at work here. 

Not only will it make use of your voice to carry out these functions, but these are also all automatic. However, that isn’t even the best part. The best part is that these functions are all locked by voice recognition. 

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