How Much Does A Ford Ranger Weigh?

The Ford Ranger, once popular, was forced to make a strategic retreat. However, things have changed, and since its return, the series has made a massive comeback in the car market. 

So, how much does a Ford Ranger weigh? The weight of a Ranger will depend on its trim and curbs. For instance, a Ford Ranger XL 4×2 Supercub that has a 6 ft height/trim level will weigh 4,145 lbs. 

So do you think this is too small or big for you? Stop panicking since there are plenty more sizes and models. As you scroll down and keep reading, you will find all the vital answers that you might think of before. 

How Much Does A Ford Ranger Weigh?

When we talk about the weight of a Ford Ranger, or any other car, we are actually talking about its curb. The curb weight is referred to as the total weight of a vehicle with all of its standard equipment and fluids inside. 

In addition, to the curb weight, there is also a box weight. This weight is the original weight of the foundation without the engine and tires.

When it comes to the Ford Rangers, all of the models have different weights depending on their trim levels. 

There are three categories that these different models are put into. These are XL, XLT, and Lariat, respectively. We have drawn a table below that you can take reference to find the weight of some of the more common Rangers. 

Ford Ranger XL

Model NameTrim LevelCurb Weight
Ford Ranger XL 4X2 SuperCab6 ft4,145 lbs
Ford Ranger XL 4X2 SuperCrew5 ft4,232 lb
Ford Ranger XL 4X4 SuperCab6 ft4,354 lbs
Ford Ranger XL 4X4 SuperCrew 5 ft4,441 lbs

Ford Ranger XLT

Model NameTrim LevelCurb Weight
Ford Ranger XLT 4X2 SuperCab6 ft4,145 lbs
Ford Ranger XLT 4X2 SuperCrew5 ft4,232 lb
Ford Ranger XLT 4X4 SuperCab6 ft4,354 lbs
Ford Ranger XLT 4X4 SuperCrew 5 ft4,441 lbs

Ford Ranger Lariat

Model NameTrim LevelCurb Weight
Ford Ranger Lariat 4X2 SuperCab6 ft4,145 lbs
Ford Ranger Lariat 4X2 SuperCrew5 ft4,232 lb
Ford Ranger Lariat 4X4 SuperCab6 ft4,354 lbs
Ford Ranger Lariat 4X4 SuperCrew 5 ft4,441 lbs

Does The Weight Of A Ford Ranger Affect Its Performance?

Yes, the weight of the Ford Ranger does affect the performance it is able to show. We have listed some of the common factors that are established due to the weight of the Ford affecting its performance. 

Power consumption

The heavier the vehicle, the greater the force required to change its state of inertia. As a result, more power will be consumed compared to another vehicle with a lighter weight. 

Breaking Force

In a scenario with two Fords, one being heavier than the other, there will be a high disparity between the braking force applied. This is because the heavier vehicle will find it harder to stop or change its direction of motion. 

Towing capacity

When it comes to towing capacity, heavier Fords have a more significant advantage than their lighter counterparts. The heavier the truck, the more significant its towing limit will be. You can tow a heavier trailer with a heavier truck. 

More Fuel Capacity

Since a heavier truck has a larger body than a lighter one, it will also have a greater fuel capacity. As you will be able to store more fuel, you can travel a greater distance in the heavier truck than the lighter Ford Ranger. 

Does The Weight Of A Ford Affect its Towing Capacity?

A heavier Ford will indeed have an edge in towing over a light one. This is because it can handle the stress applied by the trailer’s weight on the engine. 

Additionally, it will also offer greater stability than lighter ones. Lighter trucks will not find it easy to make the turns while towing a heavy trailer. 

It will also prove to be a challenge even when the lighter Ford Ranger  accelerates or drives through rough terrain. Lighter trucks will always have their disadvantages, which increases the probability of accidents. 

Furthermore, lighter trucks are more likely to experience suspension-related problems than heavier ones. This can be attributed to the fact that a greater amount of strain is applied to the engine than in heavier ones.


If you have come this far, you might have several queries to ask. While we might not be able to give answers to all of them, we will try our best to make predictions and answer a few. 

Q) How Much Weight Can A Ford Ranger Carry?

The amount of weight that a Ranger can carry will depend on its model and the weight of that specific model. 

According to manufacturers, the average Ranger has a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds. However, there are many more models that have known to show a greater towing limit than the one mentioned. 

Q) Can You Make Ford Rangers Lighter?

You might want to make your Ranger lighter so that it can travel faster. You can do this by removing external components and extensions you might have bought after buying the car. 

Additionally, you can also upgrade the components used in the vehicle to their lighter versions. But do note that you might have to make several compromises when switching to lighter versions of the original components. 


Ford has long-term domination over the North American truck market. And this is rightfully so. With every truck having premium features while still being affordable, it is clear why the Ranger is so well-loved.

So would we recommend this truck to you? Yes, we would. More specifically, we would only recommend heavier trucks to people who need to tow trailers a lot. 

On the other hand, the lighter variants would suit people who do not need to tow a lot like small business owners. Each of them has its own advantages and should be bought accordingly.      

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