How Much Can A Ford Explorer Tow?

The Ford Explorer is an excellent SUV made for multiple purposes. Not only does it come with features not usually found in SUVs, but it also has a superior engine fit for towing.  

However, how much can a Ford Explorer tow? Well, while it can reach massive numbers of weight in towing capacity, a limit does exist. This capacity is usually about 5,600 pounds. 

So do you want to learn why exactly the Explorer has such a large towing capacity? Well, you are in the right place to find out. All you need to do is scroll down and keep reading. 

How Much Can A Ford Explorer Tow

Is A Ford Explorer Good For Towing?

Ford Explorers are indeed suitable for towing. They are known for having a superior engine that has remarkable performance. Not only do they have a long mileage, but even their towing capacity is also quite significant. 

Below, we have listed some of the main features that complement the towing capacity of the vehicle. It is these features that make your towing experience worthwhile. 

Rear Camera

Parking or moving your vehicle back while towing is tough. Not only is it hard to get a sight of your back, but it will also be hard to move your towed item from its position of inertia. 

This is where the standard rear camera comes into place. With this camera system set up on the back, you can look at the rear as much as you want. Then you park the towed item and SUV however you like.

Is A Ford Explorer Good For Towing

Trailer Sway Control 

Trailers aren’t really restricted on the same track as the SUV. As such, they can indeed sway and get out of the traction of the car. 

The trailer sway control is responsible for making sure that the trailer doesn’t sway too much. It will manipulate the speed automatically when required to put the trailer on a straight path.  

Roll Stability Control

The roll stability control is responsible for maintaining the stability of the trailer as it is being towed through rough terrain. It also enhances the traction system of your Ford when required. 

With the trailer behind you as stable as possible, you can go through any terrain without any worry of accident or damage to property. 

How Much Can A Ford Explorer Tow? 

The typical Ford Explorer has a maximum towing capacity of 5600 pounds. However, this figure depends on a lot of factors, both external and physical. 

The main factor that derives this towing limit is the type of engine you are using. It is the type of engine installed in the car that will determine the efficiency of the system. This will then conclude with the towing limit. 

Below, we have compiled the three engine types that you can get with the 2021 Ford Explorer Trim Levels, along with their features. 

Engine TypeFeaturesTowing Capacity
2.3-Liter EcoBoost I-410-speed automatic transmission 300 hp Torque of 310 lb-ft5300 pounds
3.0-Liter EcoBoost V-610-speed options of automatic transmission365 to 400 hpTorque of 415 lb-ft5600 pounds
3.3-Liter Hybrid V-6Automatic transmission with 10-speed options318 horsepowerTorque of 322 lb-ft5000 pounds

2.3-Liter EcoBoost I-4

The first in our least is the least expensive among the engines while being decently eco-friendly. It has a 5300 pounds in towing capacity, which is considered the second most limit among the three engines. 

While featuring 300 horsepower, the engine can attain a torque-speed of 310 lb-ft. 

3.0-Liter EcoBoost V-6

The second entry on our list, is the one with the highest towing capacity. This is about 5600 pounds in maximum. 

Aside from the towing capacity, the engine can achieve a torque of 415 lb-ft while maintaining about 365 to 400 units of horsepower. Additionally, it features ten different speed options for direct transmission.  

3.3-Liter Hybrid V-6

The last entry on our list is the hybrid option that has 3.3 liters of fuel capacity. While it has the least towing capacity of 5000 pounds, this is still decent compared to other SUVs. 

The engine can allow up to 318 hp with a top torque speed of 322 lb-ft. 

Ford Essex V6 engine (UK) - Wikipedia

Can I Add A Tow Package To My Ford Explorer?

Yes, you can add towing packages to your Explorer. However, Ford Explorers do not have a factory-built trailer hitch/package. 

As a result, you will be required to install the extensions externally either on your own or by hiring a mechanic. Additionally, you will also need to pay for the package separately.   

Do note that the hitch you are going to be using must meet the requirements set by the manufacturer of the SUV. Otherwise, even if you do install the package, it won’t be applicable in the long run. 

Furthermore, the wrong tow hitch size will only undermine the overall towing ability of the SUV.  For instance, only specific SUV sizes require a Class III Trailer Towing Package. 


By now, you might have a lot of queries regarding Ford Explorer’s towing capabilities. While it is impossible to answer all of them, we can start off with a few. 

Can a Ford Explorer tow 6000 lbs?

No, going for 6000 pounds in towing is impossible. Older Fords are only able to attain a total of 5000 pounds in towing capacity. On the other hand, the newer ones can reach a total of 5600 pounds only. 

Which Ford Explorer has the highest towing capacity?

It is the engine variant that will determine the towing capacity of the Ford Explorer SUV. Currently, it is the 3L Ecoboost V6 engine that is able to provide the highest towing capacity among other engine variants. 

How Much Can a 2021 Ford Explorer Tow?

There are three engine options that you can get for Ford Explorers in 2021. The 2.3L Ecoboost I4 has a towing capacity of 5300, while the hybrid version has a 5000 pounds capacity.

Finally, when it comes to the 3L Ecoboost V6 engine, the car it is installed on can attain a 5600-pound towing capacity. 


Having a trailer when camping outside is very convenient. Not only will we have a solid roof on top of our heads, but we also will not need to spend hours building the tent, especially when we could do something else. 

That is precisely why SUVs with a high towing limit have their benefits. So would we recommend the Ford Explorer to you for towing? Yes, we would. 

If you want to go camping or even go on a long journey somewhere uninhabited, the trusty Explorer has your back. With the trailer hitched to the rear, the trip is destined to be a breeze! 

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