How Long do Chevy Equinox Last? [Explained]

So you are looking for a new ride and your friends have suggested you buy the famous Chevrolet Equinox. It sure is an elegant-looking car but looks can also be deceiving. So how reliable is it? Allow us to break it down to you.

So how long do Chevy Equinox last? A well-maintained Chevy Equinox has been reported to last around 200,000 miles which can be someone’s moderate mileage in about 10 years of time.

Now you might be wondering whether the Chevrolet Equinox is actually a reliable ride or not? Follow our guide as we dive deep into this topic, discuss the different models and find the best Equinox model for you.

How Long Do Chevy Equinox Last?

The longevity and condition of a vehicle depend on its maintenance as well as its frequency of use for which it becomes quite uncertain how long a car might last. There are other factors that affect the longevity of a car- rust being one of them.

Rust can appear as early as year two of ownership. Rusting depends more on the region, for example, rides in the Northern parts of the United States are more prone to rusting than in the Southern parts. Colder parts might trigger rusting faster which could cause corrosion.

Now apart from the external factors, let’s talk about mileage. Like we have said earlier the Chevrolet Equinox runs about 200,000 miles. However in its class of compact SUVs, the number comes a little short. On the other hand, the maintenance cost comes comparatively high.

The maintenance cost of Equinox ranges from $550-$650 whereas other compact SUVs have an average of $400-$600. Below, the table shows how the average maintenance cost of Equinox varies from model to model:

Manufacture YearMaintenance Cost (in dollars)

Apart from its maintenance, the highest reported mileage of the Chevrolet Equinox falls a little short when compared to the other compact SUVs. This indicates that the Equinox lasts shorter mileage compared to its competitors: 

SUV ModelExpected MileageHighest mileage
Chevrolet Equinox210,000200,000
Honda CRV250,000320,000
Ford Escape240,000280,000
Toyota RAV-4240,000290,000
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross200,000150,000
Volkswagen Tiguan175,000200,000

However, taking good care of the car can help to increase its mileage. Some Equinox owners have reported that their Equinox had traveled even more than 200,000 miles with low maintenance costs. So it comes down to you, how you take care of and look after your car.

Is The Chevy Equinox A Reliable Vehicle?

how long do chevy equinox last

To put it plainly, the Chevy Equinox is not the most reliable car out there; neither the very least. Other SUVs such as the Ford Escape and Honda CRV are more dependable when compared to the Equinox.

So are Chevy Equinox good cars? Yes, they can be considered to be good compact SUVs if taken care of. But in-depth the answer depends on the different generations of Chevy Equinox that are out there.

Newer models of the Chevy Equinox have been reported to run more miles with fewer problems. The third generation of the Equinox (models manufactured from 2018-present) has had applause around the crowd; especially the latest 2021 one which is undoubtedly the best Equinox model yet.

Older models such as those from the second generation (manufactured from 2010-2017) are slightly worse. The worst is the 2013 model which comes with engine issues, excessive oil consumption, transmission issues, etc.

The reliability and performance of the first generation of Chevy Equinox (manufactured from 2005-2009) are moderate, not the very best. 2005 Chevy Equinox life expectancy would be around 150,000 miles which can be someone’s mileage in about 8 years. 

To summarize this section, newer models of the Equinox are more reliable and are considered to be good cars by critics as they cover more mileage with lower maintenance costs compared to older models.

Does the Chevy Equinox Have A Lot Of Problems?

Older models of the Chevy Equinox have been reported to have several engine and transmission issues more than the later ones. In this section, we will look individually into the common problems of each model and highlight the issues as well.

5 Common Problems of the Chevy Equinox

1. Transmission problems:

Equinox models from 2018-2020 had missing bolts on the start/stop accumulator endcap which lead to leakage of transmission fluids. This could cause the whole system to catch fire.

2. Oil Leaks:

This issue was infamous in model 2013-2015 Equinox where the oil would leak from the cylinders and into the combustion chambers resulting in increased oil consumption and the burning smell of oil.

3. Compressor Issues:

Problems associated with the compressor were found in pre-2013 models. The compressor would fail and cause the A/C system to blow warm air instead of cold. 

4. Failing Brakes:

The rear brake caliper pistons of the 2018-2020 models may not have had enough coating, which led to the formation of gas pockets and perhaps decreased rear brake effectiveness.

5. Transmission and Gear Problems:

There have been reports of transmission and gear assembly issues with some of the 2008–2009 models. This is probably due to a malfunctioning or damaged 35R wave plate, which is essential for seamless and simple gear changes.


As we have said earlier, older versions of the Chevy Equinox are known for many issues. So buying one of the older models can cost more for maintenance and repair.

Not only that the components malfunction but the interior of the 2019 model has also been stated to be “cheap” by Elliot Alvis in his video (which we have given below) and he discouraged people from buying it.


Now that we have covered the common issues, let’s dive a little deep into the mileage and life expectancy of certain Chevy Equinox models.

How Many Miles Can A 2014 Chevy Equinox Last?

The 2014 Chevy Equinox has been reported to run around 150,000-200,000 miles. This, if driven carefully, can be someone’s mileage in 8-10 years. It is to be kept in mind that this model comes with engine issues and transmission problems which can cause it to have excessive oil consumption.

How Many Miles Can A 2008 Chevy Equinox Last?

This model has been reported to run around 150,000 miles by users. Once again, it comes with engine and transmission issues which have to be kept in mind for the higher maintenance and repair costs.

How Many Miles Can A 2006 Chevy Equinox Last?

The mileage on the 2006 model is somewhat similar to the 2008 model which is around 150,000 miles as they both belong to the second generation of Chevy Equinox. This model has been reported to have compressor issues along with engine and transmission problems.

To summarize, older generations of the Equinox run lesser miles than the latest ones. So it is better to buy a newer one and avoid the 2013 and 2015 models as they have been reported to have oil leakage issues.


Clearly, older models of the Chevrolet Equinox were not the best in its segment. However, the newer Equinox models have been thriving on their performance. So if you are about to buy an Equinox right now, it would be best to go with the current gen models.

Some pro tips: consider giving your Equinox a tune-up and belt change at about 100,000 miles and change the throttle body at around 130,000 miles. Also, replace the front brakes at about 180,000 miles and the rear ones at 200,000 miles.

Take good care of your car and remember not to go rough on your ride because this can actually buy you a couple more thousand miles. Last but not the least, make sure to enjoy your ride. Take care and Happy Driving! 

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