Chevy Silverado Alignment Problems [Explanation & Fixes]

Does your Chevy Silverado get its steering wheel off the center? Or is it pulling to one side only? It seems like you have alignment problems. The problem could be with all four wheels or rear or front wheels.

A poor wheel alignment can lead to a myriad of serious issues. To prevent them from happening, you need to know what causes Chevy Silverado alignment problems. Usually, harsh driving experiences on hazardous roads, speed bumps, or potholes cause this issue.

Such a problem is both annoying and risky. However, we will help you get your Chevy Silverado back on the road in no time. From diagnosis to treatment, we are warmly here to guide you through.


How Do You Check Wheel Alignment At Home?

You can follow several DIY procedures to check the wheel alignment of your Chevy Silverado.

Observe The Tire Treads

The easiest method of checking wheel alignment at home is to look at the tire treads. If it is worn out, your Chevy Silverado has alignment problems.

Measure The Tire Alignment

Another method is to measure from line to line with a rope against the car’s side. First, measure the distance between the rope and the front wheel.

Then repeat the same process with the back wheel. If your Chevy Silverado has alignment problems, you get different results.

Let Go of The Steering Wheel While Driving

This is a risky method, but you can do it safely in front of your home. Start the car and drive. After a few moments, let go of the steering wheel. If your vehicle turns right or left, it has alignment issues.

What Are The Symptoms Of Chevy Silverado Alignment Problems?

There are several ways through which you can detect whether a Chevy Silverado has alignment issues or not.

Uneven Wear Or Tear Of The Tire Tread

If you see your Chevy Silverado tire treads have worn out, there is a 100% chance that it has alignment issues. Sometimes, your tire’s sideways can also tear up due to an asymmetrical alignment.

Crooked Steering Wheel

While driving straight, if your Chevy Silverado has its steering wheel aligned to the left or right, it is a symptom of a bad wheel alignment. When this happens, the car automatically goes left or right, even when driving straight.

Noisy Steering

Unusual noises can come straight from the steering wheel, ranging from squeaky to hoarse sounds. Facing this in a Chevy Silverado is a clear indication of alignment problems.

What Causes Chevy Silverado Alignment Problems?

Several things can cause a wheel to be misaligned. Here are three common reasons behind it:

Minor Vehicle Accidents

Even the slightest accident can alter your Chevy Silverado’s alignment. A lot of the time, accidents can wear out or tear the vehicle’s suspension components. And due to this, the symmetry of the wheel can get unstable.

Hazardous Roads

If the road on which you drive your car is hazardous, broken, or has potholes, it can put severe pressure on the wheels.

Sometimes, rash driving upon a speed bump can also put pressure on your car. As a result, your wheels might get misaligned.

Hasty Vehicle Mods

Sometimes, if your Chevy Silverado is mode without proper technique, it might damage some suspension components.

Lifting your vehicle can also cause damage to the suspension components- which eventually hampers the wheel alignment.

How To Fix Chevy Silverado Alignment Problems?

Fixing wheel alignments is a tough job to do. It is mostly done by professional mechanics who have proper knowledge and experience. However, there are still some DIY methods you follow to fix this.

Repair The Front-End Wheels

Using jack stands, raise the front wheels both. To make the steering wheel move, turn on the electrical system but leave the engine off. Observe the car’s front wheels one at a time and verify the direction that it is pointing.

You must tighten the outer tire rod if it is pointed inward toward the vehicle’s center. You need to release the tire rod if it’s facing outward. Follow the procedures accordingly after observation.

After correcting, immediately turn the wheel to see if the wheel is still tilted incorrectly. Repeat the process with the other wheel if the first one is straight.

Adjusting The Toe

Find the tie rod ends. The link between your Chevy Silverado’s steering system and its wheels is made up of tie rods. Sometimes it is situated close to the interior of the wheel. The rod ends are L-shaped components.

Using a wrench, remove the lock nuts. A nut secures each tie rod end to the tie rod between them. Then adjust the toe accordingly.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix Chevy Silverado Alignment Problems?

Wheel alignment for a Chevrolet Silverado can cost way less than you think. It typically ranges from $60 to $150.

It depends on a few things, such as location and component availability, ball joints, bearings, and other suspension components.

You can call your nearby auto care shop to get a more accurate estimation. If they demand more than 150 USD, you should consider looking for another auto care service.

Is It Safe To Drive Chevy Silverado With Alignment Issue?

No, driving your Chevy Silverado is unsafe if your wheels are out of alignment. You will face severe difficulties controlling your car’s movement if the wheels are misaligned.

A vehicle must have its wheels aligned correctly to drive with good handling. When the wheels are out of alignment, there is a greater chance of tire damage and road accidents.



Chevy Silverado owners can reduce the chance of difficulties in driving and even facing road accidents by recognizing the symptoms. Therefore, take immediate steps if you see the signs of a misaligned wheel.

Plus, a properly aligned wheel can boost fuel efficiency and expand the lifespan of your tires. It helps you get more miles out of the same gas tank and tire set.

So, the bottom line is that you need to run regular checkouts on your wheels to see if they are aligned. After all, it will enhance your ability to drive with more safety.

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