Chevy Equinox Service StabiliTrak Engine Power Reduced | Easy Fixes

Each year there are a lot of complaints about the Chevy Equinox. It is one of the more popular and affordable SUVs. However, the car is known to have several issues in the engine power related to the service stabilitrak. 

The StabiliTrak system allows your vehicle to drive in straight traction by monitoring the sensors. The engine power reduced message only appears when the ECM detects a problem with the system due to a triggered service StabiliTrak signal. 

By now, you might have realized that both the service StabiliTrak and engine power reductions are interconnected. In this article, we will be covering both of these points of interest. So keep on reading!

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What Does Chevy Chevy Equinox Service Stabilitrak Engine Power Reduced Mean?

If you have driven a Chevy Equinox or any other SUVs, you should know that the sensors inside the vehicles have a vital role. These components are significantly responsible for how you drive your vehicle.

The StabiliTrak system makes use of a network of sensors and modules to record your driving data. It then ensures that the traction or path of your Chevy is straight. 

In case, the path is unable to be straight; it will trigger the Service Stabilitrak message. This allows the system to match your vehicle’s previous data with the new one to reduce the chances of accidents.

The engine will often divert most of its energy when required to support the StabiliTrak system. 

It is in such situations that the engine power reduced message is triggered, which causes the Chevy to enter a reduced power mode. With a reduced engine performance, the vehicle will travel much slower.

What Causes The Chevy Equinox Service Stabilitrak Engine Power Reduced Problem? 

There are plenty of issues that could cause the service StabiliTrak to trigger a reduced engine performance. While most of them are due to external factors, internal factors exist as well. 

Below, we have compiled some of the more common issues that can cause the Chevy Equinox Service Stabilitrak engine power reduced problems. 

Rough terrain Driving

The most obvious and common source of the problem is when driving through rough terrain. The debris and rocks cause your car to shake a lot. 

As the vehicle is unable to drive in a straight line, the service StabiliTrak is triggered, and the engine diverts its energy towards that system. 

Miss-positioned Sensors 

Even after driving through rough terrain, you might notice that the StabiliTrak system is still ongoing. This is caused by the sensors coming out of their original place. 

As a result, these sensors and the chevy equinox StabiliTrak fuse can act up, causing the entire system and the engine ECM to go haywire.

Faulty Components

Wear and tear on the various components and wires can also cause this issue to prevail. This is another common source of the service signals that cause the engine to divert its energy. 

Usually, the issue is only temporary since the ECM will often detect the engine power faults or the worn-out components. It will then change the displayed codes and warn the driver of the situation. 

ABS Issues

While the ABS braking system will not affect the engine performance directly, it will indeed cause problems with the StabiliTrak system.

It is the StabiliTrak system that is responsible for the ABS. When the ABS refuses to activate when needed, the StabiliTrak service is activated to allow all resources and engine power to go towards diagnosing the issue. 

What Are The Symptoms Of Equinox Service Stabilitrak Engine Power Reduced Problem?

When it comes to service StabiliTrak, a reduced engine power along with the iconic warnings are the most common symptoms that you will experience.

However, these aren’t the only symptoms out there. Below we have listed some of the more common symptoms that are associated with the Chevy Equinox Service Stabilitrak engine power reduced problem. 

  • Engine power reduced
  • Shifting is tough
  • The “Check Engine” light turns on
  • Messages related to StabiliTrak, engine power, and traction are triggered
  • The alternator fails to start
  • Erratic steering
  • Inconsistent acceleration

How To Diagnose Reduced Engine Power On Chevy Equinox?

If you have received the engine power reduced warning, it is better to run a diagnosis first rather than fix the issue blindly. 

Below, we have provided you with two procedures to diagnose your engine power on the Chevy Equinox. Do note that what technique you will use will depend on your situation. 

Step 1: Use a scanner

Usually, it is the ECM that is responsible for running the warning codes and flashes. As such, you can make use of an OBD scanner to scan through the ECM.

After the scanner displays a certain code, you can match it up from another reference sheet or manual. The meaning of all the codes is stored in this manual.  

Step 2: Check manually.

If your scanner doesn’t reveal anything, understand that there is nothing wrong with the system. Instead, conduct visual inspections on the components and wires connected to the ECM and vehicle’s mainframe. 

How To Fix Engine Power Reduced Chevy Equinox?

Typically it is the engine itself that diverts its resources towards another function reducing its overall power. In the case where this power reduction is affecting your drivability, you might want to fix it. 

Well, before you can fix it, you might need to run a certain diagnosis. We have already explained the diagnostic techniques in the section above. Once you complete the diagnosis, you can continue with the fix. 

Step 1: Reset The Engine

When you activate the reduced power mode, or “limp mode,” you can turn the system back into its previous state by simply resetting the engine. You can reset the engine by simply turning it off for a certain interval of time of at least 5 minutes. 

In that time interval, make sure to check the oil levels. Additionally, ensure that the engine has been well lubricated. This brief rest will allow the mainframe to set the settings on your engine when you turn it back.   

Step 2: Clean The Throttle

You can move on to the next steps when the resetting, as mentioned above, doesn’t work. 

The most obvious reason why your engine could reduce the power is due to throttling body issues. You can make use of the right car cleaner and a small toothbrush to get your job done. 

Step 3: Fix or Replace The Throttle

Very often, only cleaning the throttle might not resolve the issue. In that case, check out for wear and tear on the throttles. 

Patch the tears and wreckages on the throttle to solve the problem. If the throttle still doesn’t work well, simply replacing it with a new one should do the trick. 

Step 4: Check And Clean Air Filter

The air filter can get clogged, which could, in turn, cause the air conditioner to heat up. You can make use of a cleaner as well as brushes to clear up the clogs. 

Step 5: Check Again and Test Out

Once you are done with the fixings, you can check out any more codes using the OCD-II scanner. When there aren’t any more codes, go out for a test drive and check whether the system still activates “limp mode” or not.

If the problem persists, go to a mechanic to help you with programming and fix any other problems you may have missed out on. Since they are professionals, they will know the best way to fix it. 

Watch this video for more information:

Can You Drive A Chevy Equinox With Engine Power Reduced Issue?

The engine power reduced mode doesn’t really stop your Chevy Equinox from running. The only thing it will do is reduce the overall power or energy that is supplied towards keeping the car running.  

However, do note that we do not advise you to drive your vehicle when there is a problem with the normal mode of your engine. 

Not only will you face lower speeds on your SUV, but you will also face greater fuel consumption. These can prove to be a potential source of accidents. 

As such, do not delay in fixing the issue as soon as possible. Even if you think that it is a hassle, you shouldn’t take the risk. 

Remember, there is nothing more valuable than your own life. So make haste and prepare to fix the engine power reduced issue. 


Chevy Equinox has evolved a lot throughout the decades. From being one of the most unattractive entry-level SUVs, it is now one of the best SUVs out there for that same price range. 

If you have a Chevy Stabilitrak, you are more than advised to maintain the car at regular intervals carefully. Only if you do regular maintenance will your truck last for a long time. 

Additionally, if you are having any technical trouble with your vehicle, like the service StabiliTrak, you should seek help from a professional. If you are a professional, you are more than welcome to try it out!

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