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Chevy Avalanche is one of the finest cars on the road. They have fame for their top performance and comfortable riding experience. But, do all Chevy Avalanche models have the same reputation?

Well, actually no! There are some avalanche models that one should avoid. From them the 2007 Chevy Avalanche is the worst version of this series. There are also some other models which are very low-rated by users. On the other hand, the 2013 model is considered one of the best trucks from Chevy Avalanche. 

In this article, we will cover the best and worst years of Chevy Avalanche and why. Furthermore, we will answer Some most asked questions related to the Chevy avalanche.

Chevy Avalanche Specs And Overview

Chevy Avalanche Specs

The Chevy Avalanche models are classified into two generations. The first generation is from 2001-2006 and the second one is from 2007-2013.

Specification Chart For The First Generation Of Chevy Avalanche 

Platform GMT805
Manufactured YearsSept.2001 to Dec 2005
Engine – LM7 V8 5.3 L gasoline- L59 V8 gasoline/E85 5.3 L- L18 V8 8.1 L gasoline
Transmission – automated 4-speed 4L60-E- automated 4-speed 4L80-E
Length 221.6-221.7inch 
Height 73.3-73.6 inch
Width79.8 inch
Weight5632 lb

Specification Chart For The Second-Generation Chevy Avalanche

Platform GM GMT900
Manufactured YearsApril 2006 to April 2013
Engine – LY5 V8 5.3 L gasoline- LMG V8 gasoline/E85 5.3 L- LC9 V8 gasoline/E85 5.3 L- L76 V8 6.0 L gasoline
Transmission – automated 4-speed GM 4L60-E- automated 6-speed 6L80-E
Length 221.3 inch 
Height 73.6-inch
Width79.1 inch
Weight5840 lb

Which Chevy Avalanche Years To Avoid And Why?

Some specific models of the Chevy Avalanche have a lot of problems like an inflated airbag, wrong reading on the speed meter, cracked dashboard, etc. Considering these problems, here is a list of Chevy avalanches that should be avoided:

Avoid 2002 Chevy avalanches

This specific version has a huge issue with brake, gear, and transmission. Almost 71 problems are reported about this car according to carcomplaint.com. Not all the problems are major though. But we will consider it an unreliable model.

Avoid 2003 Chevy avalanches

The brake issues are found in this car as well. Speed meter failure is also reported by the users. According to ‘Car Complaints’, 62 claims are recorded about this car. So it is best to avoid this 2003 Chevy avalanche.

Avoid 2004 Chevy Avalanche

Again it is a car from the very first model and is considered one of the worst cars of The Chevy Avalanche model. Carcomplaints.com says,102 problems are reported by consumers around the globe.

The main problems of this model are heater issues, transmission failure, and bearing failure.

Avoid 2005 Chevy Avalanche

If you are looking to buy a 2005 model maybe it will not be a smart decision. This model has transmission issues like the earlier version.

It’s a problem that is often noticed and very frustrating as the users reported. It costs almost $2600 to fix this problem.

Avoid 2007 Chevy Avalanches

It is the worst model of this series ever produced.214 reports are submitted by the users. Yes, it is 214 according to carcomplaints.com. The most-reported 2007 Chevy Avalanche is excessive oil consumption which makes the car too expensive.

Furthermore, dashboard cracking and motor sensor failures are also very often found. Transmission issues, brake problems, lights problems, etc are also reported.

Avoid 2008 Chevy Avalanches

Approximately at 99000 miles of running the engine starts to lose power according to the user’s report. It is the most reported problem regarding this model.

Furthermore, oil consumption and dashboard issues are noted frequently. In total 65 problems are made by the users.

Avoid 2010 Chevy Avalanches

Users reported problems like door handle breaking, lights problems, motor sensor failure, and dashboard cracking in high heat.

The issues cannot be fixed until they are replaced. So the maintenance cost of the 2010 model is automatically high.

So now it is clear which models of Chevy Avalanches are faulty and have lower reliability. User ratings and reviews must give you a clear idea of why you shouldn’t go for these specific models of the Chevy Avalanche.

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Which Chevy Avalanche Years Are Most Reliable? 

The users of the Chevy Avalanche series gave very high ratings on 2012 and 2013 Chevy avalanches. There are efficient reasons behind this review.

2012 Chevy Avalanches

 This is a new Chevy avalanche with most of the previous problems fixed. Only 14 problems are reported regarding this car all around the world.

With good performance and strength, this Chevy avalanches rating is around 80/100. So when it comes to the most reliable models of the Chevy avalanche series 2012 model makes the list.

2013 Chevy Avalanches

 This is the best model Chevy avalanches ever produced. Black diamond made the drivers crazy with its look and great towing capacity. It has the highest rating of 84/100 according to J.D. Power.

Issues of all the older models like oil consumption problems and transmission problems are successfully sorted out. The overall performance is better than all the models of Chevy avalanches and undoubtedly the most reliable.


So now you know about the worst, and best models of Chevy Avalanches. Here we will be answering some FAQs that might help you out.

What Years Was The Chevy Avalanche Made?

The Chevy Avalanches launched their first car in September 2001 and continued till April 2013.

Are Chevy Avalanches Reliable? 

Overall reliability of The Chevy Avalanches is approximately 64 which makes it very reliable. But it is better to avoid some specific models like 2004 and 2007.

What Is The Last Year Of The Chevy Avalanche? 

The Black Diamond is the last car launched under the Chevy  Avalanche series. It was launched in the year 2013.

How Long Will A Chevy Avalanche Last?

The longevity of a car depends on how well it is taken care of. With proper maintenance, The Chevy Avalanche gives 20 years of service and approximately 300,000 miles of transportation.

Is A Chevy Avalanche Considered A Truck?

A Chevy Avalanche has four doors and five or six seats with some extra space in the back and is known as a midsize pickup truck.


Maybe there are many problems recorded regarding this Chevy avalanche but it also indicates the mass number of copies sold of this series. This series hasn’t launched a new car since 2013 yet it is one of the most demanding trucks.

So surely you can go for the Chevy Avalanche. As you know which models are not very reliable, you just have to avoid them.

Hopefully, with all the information given in this article, you don’t have any doubts about which Chevy Avalanche is best for you. So end up in the waiting part and get the perfect model for yourself and don’t forget to maintain your truck properly.

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